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Stuffed Toys For Dogs - Wholesale Toys From China.

Stuffed Toys For Dogs

stuffed toys for dogs

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Artistic, Yet Simple, Portrait of Stuffed Toy

Artistic, Yet Simple, Portrait of Stuffed Toy

Update on my pet dog for anyone who clicks on this (I didn't want to mess with the title of this):

Well, my dog is still alive. We don't know how long she is going to last, but she's still here. Which on one hand is great indeed, but on the other hand, I am concerned about how she's feeling. My parents took her to the vet today to get some peace about everything--it turns out a lot of the health issues are old age related. She's suffering from arthritis and congenitive heart failure, as well as some infection. The vet gave her some painkillers and some antibiotics--it's really my parents' wish (and mine too, actually) that she die at home. So the question is, will she live through the week (the vet told them to see her next week) or not?

I've actually been feeling better about everything because I'm removed from the situation. If I were at home, it'd be a different story. So now it's really just about making Angie feel comfortable, so she can spend her final moments in peace.

Top Dog No Longer

Top Dog No Longer

As Annie got older, we thought about getting a puppy to keep her young. For Christmas, we experimented by buying a stuffed toy Australian Shepherd. Perhaps it was because it was a blue merle instead of a black tri, but somehow we don't think Annie was too accepting.

stuffed toys for dogs

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