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Remote Toys For Boys : K & M Toys Australia : Yorkie Stuffed Toys.

Remote Toys For Boys

remote toys for boys

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Lifeguards - Toy or Real?

Lifeguards - Toy or Real?

I like this shot because the boat and lifeguard look like small, remote-controlled toys floating in a pond...almost like it should be a Ken boy toy for Barbie. I think I had to zoom to 48x (4x digi x 12 optical) for identification purposes during a recovery. I'm surprised it doesn't seem all that noisy even in the original size.

Aaron is a sissy boy.

Aaron is a sissy boy.

He has a sissy controller holding technique.

When you shoot your opponent's tank, they get shocked through the controller. Metal strips on the top and bottom, on both hands. Like holding on to an electric fence. Sort of.

Hess got 'em for Christmas.

remote toys for boys

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