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Nikon 2011 photo contest : Kids digital photo frame : Multiple photo frames on wall.

Nikon 2011 Photo Contest

nikon 2011 photo contest

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2011-02-21 Bay

2011-02-21 Bay

February 2011 Photos

Hate to have missed the metafors contest, but I do love spices/seasonings, so this is my first attempt at Macro Mondays. This week's theme is SPICES and SEASONINGS...

You may be asking WHY the magnifying glass? Well, since I do not own a MACRO lens, I figured that this would be the next best thing. This set-up is a lot more complicated than I originally thought, having to worry about what it does to the focus and reflections, not to mention getting the glass just right (side to side, or front to back, or rotation...) Hope they show some promise...

Nikon Calendar 2011

Nikon Calendar 2011

My photo "Chicago Through the Bean" is in this year's Nikon Calendar! =D It was selected from Nikon Photo Contest International 2008-2009, which received more than 51,000 entries.

Minha foto "Chicago Atraves do Feijao" esta no calendario da Nikon de 2011! =D Foi selecionada entre as mais de 51.000 fotos submetidas ao Nikon Photo Contest International 2008-2009.

nikon 2011 photo contest

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