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Top One Investment

top one investment

  • investing: the act of investing; laying out money or capital in an enterprise with the expectation of profit

  • The action or process of investing money for profit or material result

  • outer layer or covering of an organ or part or organism

  • An act of devoting time, effort, or energy to a particular undertaking with the expectation of a worthwhile result

  • A thing that is worth buying because it may be profitable or useful in the future

  • the commitment of something other than money (time, energy, or effort) to a project with the expectation of some worthwhile result; "this job calls for the investment of some hard thinking"; "he made an emotional investment in the work"

  • exceed: be superior or better than some standard; "She exceeded our expectations"; "She topped her performance of last year"

  • Exceed (an amount, level, or number); be more than

  • Be at the highest place or rank in (a list, poll, chart, or league)

  • the upper part of anything; "the mower cuts off the tops of the grass"; "the title should be written at the top of the first page"

  • Be taller than

  • top(a): situated at the top or highest position; "the top shelf"

Topping Out On The Solstice

Topping Out On The Solstice

And this is in the shade on our patio. You pause a second before sliding the door open when you see a reading like this.

The gray thing to the right is a sending unit for one of those remote thermometers, it just corroborates what this one says. They do tend to read a bit high at this time of year. Once the sun is far enough north, it shines underneath the patio roof onto the floor and heats it up, and the rising air is trapped by the roof just above this thermometer. They don't read ~that~ high though, the high today in Goodyear was 115 degrees.

At least tomorrow the sun's arc will be slightly lower and the day will be slightly shorter.

New pair of shoes

New pair of shoes

Hidden in a dark corner of your closet is what was once your favorite pair of shoes. Yes, the shoes that you wore at your graduation or wore regularly to go salsa or merengue dancing … now you remember. Buy a container of shoe polish for around a dollar. Carefully apply polish to your shoes.
If needed, guys can also replace their old shoe laces with new ones. Once again, you’re ready to shine on the dance floor.

top one investment

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