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Repairing Rust On Cars. Bike Puncture Repair. 2000 Montero Sport Repair Manual

Repairing Rust On Cars

repairing rust on cars

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Eaten By Rust Worm and Missing An Eye

Eaten By Rust Worm and Missing An Eye

On the same day that I discovered a second-hand Italian Polizia motorcycle in Toronto, Canada, I also came across this Checker Motor Corp.'s Marathon four-door sedan.

I'm not a huge fan of vintage American cars, and initially did not recgnise / recognize the maker Checker Motor Corp. I took the photos anyway, and about an hour later, suddenly remembered that the Checker Marathon was used as the iconic New York yellow taxicabs!

My classic car

My classic car

12.Let me see your ride~
I bought this car November 1985. It's taken me many places and worked very hard for me. The engine has been running great, but the floor and the body is rusting badly. I'm struggling to keep it on the road as long as I can.
November 15, 2008

repairing rust on cars

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