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Gear Pump Working

gear pump working

    gear pump
  • A small pump consisting of a casing enclosing a driven gear wheel in mesh with a second gear wheel, the fluid being carried from the suction to the delivery side of the pump in the spaces between the teeth.

  • A gear pump uses the meshing of gears to pump fluid by displacement. They are one of the most common types of pumps for hydraulic fluid power applications. Gear pumps are also widely used in chemical installations to pump fluid with a certain viscosity.

  • Gear Pumps are used for some engine oil pumps and hydraulic pumps. The concept involves generating oil flow by two gears meshing together in a relatively tight enclosure. The size of the gears and the tightness of the enclosure will determine what the pump is capable of generating.

  • a mine or quarry that is being or has been worked

  • The action of extracting minerals from a mine

  • A mine or a part of a mine from which minerals are being extracted

  • working(a): actively engaged in paid work; "the working population"; "the ratio of working men to unemployed"; "a working mother"; "robots can be on the job day and night"

  • The action of doing work

  • adequate for practical use; especially sufficient in strength or numbers to accomplish something; "the party has a working majority in the House"; "a working knowledge of Spanish"

Facepiece R5

Facepiece R5

Facepiece - Protects the wearer from exposure to heat, toxic gases, and unburned products of combustion, provides a source of fresh air from the SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus).

Controlled residential burn - 708

Controlled residential burn - 708

A regional training exercise for several local Volunteer Fire Departments

gear pump working

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