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Vintage Motel Sign - Southern Michigan Bed And Breakfast - Gold Strike Hotel Gambling Hall.

Vintage Motel Sign

vintage motel sign

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Willamina Auto Court, Oregon (Vintage Motel Sign)

Willamina Auto Court, Oregon (Vintage Motel Sign)

This was in Willamina, Oregon, USA north up toward McMinnville & Portland. It was so old and nearly illegible that I almost passed by it, though I was looking for old motel signs. At first, I thought it said something like Auto Repair. I saw that it was directly in front of a two story old yellow house which was in ill repair and which seemed an unlikely place to do auto repair. I drove around and read it more carefully, and took pictures of it from the East and from the West and discovered it said Auto Court. I then went around behind the big yellow house, and sure enough, some very old buildings with motel type rooms, that looked as if they had been turned into apartments. There were cats everywhere, many of them. I took the vintage signs specifically for the VINTAGE MOTEL SIGNS group pool. If you want to see more of the "auto court" look at some of my other pictures.

When Willamina was a "hot" lumber town, this Auto Court was probably the place to stay.

Population in 2000 was 1,844 roughly half male and half female.

Vintage Motel Sign - Ivory Court - Leaburg, Oregon

Vintage Motel Sign - Ivory Court - Leaburg, Oregon

IMG_4817, It appears that the old motel itself is gone, but that perhaps a bit of it was used to remodel into about 6 small apartments. This picture is taken from the east side looking west. I believe the flowers which almost swallow it up are called Rose of Sharon, but I am not sure. I tried to look up the populations of Leaburg, and it wasn't available. I don't imagine it is more than 150 to 350 somewhere. I think it would be safe to say the trout population in the McKenzie River that goes parallel to the town is higher than the people population.

vintage motel sign

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