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Apple Gate Inn. Blenheim Accommodation. Orquidea Hotel Ibiza.

Apple Gate Inn

apple gate inn

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I haven't managed to go through my vacation pics but I have to post something as I have been threatened with tremendous cruelty otherwise ;)
The Blomidon Inn is an excellent place to eat and stay
its located in Wolfville, part of Nova Scotia's famous Annapolis Valley.


On April 1, 1881 , Rufus Burgess purchased for $1,400, the lot on which the Blomidon Inn now stands. In the 1871 census, Burgess was listed as a merchant who owned 80 shares in ships. He soon learned to maximize his profits by building his own ships and operating them until they could be sold. The sales usually occurred in a foreign port such as London, England or perhaps in Scandinavia. Rufus built four tall ships between 1874 and 1880.

Following the Purchase of the land Rufus proceeded to build Perth House. His wife, Georgie's family, had come from Perth , Scotland . This gave Burgess the opportunity to make a public display of his success and to provide a fine home for his family's enjoyment. In his mansion, he used teak and mahogany for wainscots, mantels, and staircases. There were marble fireplaces and gold gilt mirrors. A local German artist was invited to paint a ceiling mural of a ship wreck. The house was just as grand on the outside with the Mansard Roof (the same roof style found on Seminary Hall - the oldest building on Acadia University's campus), the widow's walk, the iron front gate, the playing court, the sun dial, and the splendid rose gardens on the East side of the house. During his tenure at Perth Place, Rufus would build an additional nineteen tall ships, the Canada , being the most spectacular.

On July 7, 1892 The Morning Herald in Halifax announced that 5000 "delighted" spectators had witnessed the launching at Kingsport of the CANADA , "the largest Vessel Ever Built in the Dominion ( Canada )". Cox was the master builder and Burgess was the proud owner.

Burgess died on December 22, 1905 at the age of 79. His wife Georgie died in 1911. By 1915, the estate was still not settled. Eastern Trust was ordered to handle the will. On March 9 th , they placed the following ad in The Halifax Herald. The ad cost $7.00.

On the premises April 20 th , 1915 , at 11 am , that valuable and commodious residential property at Wolfville, owned by the estate of the late C.R. Burgess, having frontage of 200 feet on side street and 150 feet on Main Street , consisting of about 4? acres, with dwelling of 20 rooms, furnace heated, and beautifully finished. Barn, Storehouse, Ice House, and orchard of about 200 trees, principally apples of the winter varieties.

The property was purchased by W. H. Chase for $4,700.

augusta missouri apple gate B&B

augusta missouri apple gate B&B

An historic 1865 building has been nicely restored into the Apple Gate Inn, an early American-style Bed & Breakfast. The hosts are Bob and Lynn.

apple gate inn

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