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Contract Cleaning Companies

contract cleaning companies

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contract cleaning companies - Mack 3

Mack 3 Year Diamond Service Contract for Digital Cameras, Video Cameras, Lenses Binoculars, Telescopes, Flash and Lighting with a Retail Value of up to $2500.00

Mack 3 Year Diamond Service Contract for Digital Cameras, Video Cameras, Lenses Binoculars, Telescopes, Flash and Lighting with a Retail Value of up to $2500.00

Description : 3 Year Diamond Coverage Under $2,500 Return Shipping Charge : (US Residents Only) $20 Length of Service Contract : 3 years Service Contract Starts From Date of Purchase Store Responsible For First 90 Days Interchangeable Lens Covered Professional Equipment Covered Transferable Service Contract Valid Only Within The Contintental U.S.A. Service Contract Covers Impact And Sand Damage Service Contract Covers Customer Misuse 2 Free CCD Cleanings for the Life of the Contract Normal and Abnormal Wear and Tear Accidental and Unintentional Abuse

79% (15)

1981 UK - school cleaner, Derbyshire

1981 UK - school cleaner, Derbyshire

This could be a council issued uniform overall or maybe an overall she has bought herself - some schools did supply uniforms whilst others didn't - some county councils had a standard uniform overall style for all female staff across the whole county and all departments.

Back in 1981 all school cleaners would have been directly employed by the county council as education authority - the days of schools running themselves through a Board of Governors and of cleaning services being contracted out to private companies were still a long way off in 1981 when this photo was taken.

Minnesota Guard engineers clean up Minot after flood

Minnesota Guard engineers clean up Minot after flood

Using a D7G Bulldozer and 20-ton dump trucks provided by the North Dakota National Guard, Soldiers of the Minnesota National Guard's 682nd Engineer Battalion moved levee dirt back to the open pit it was originally removed from near the Minot High School July 14. Mounds View’s Spc. Casey Stephens, 850th Horizontal Engineer Company, supervised the operation.
Photo by Sgt. 1st Class Daniel Ewer

contract cleaning companies

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