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Flooring tile slate - Pet stain hardwood floor

Flooring Tile Slate

flooring tile slate

    flooring tile
  • (Flooring Tiles) Concrete or clay tiles set in cement mortar, bituminous or other adhesive. For a more sound absorbent, heat-insulating, decorative or comfortable walking surface, linoleum, glass, cork, rubber, asphalt or plastic tiles are used.

  • A fine-grained gray, green, or bluish metamorphic rock easily split into smooth, flat pieces

  • A flat piece of slate used for writing on, typically framed in wood, formerly used in schools

  • A flat piece of such rock used as roofing material

  • (formerly) a writing tablet made of slate

  • designate or schedule; "He slated his talk for 9 AM"; "She was slated to be his successor"

  • thin layers of rock used for roofing

flooring tile slate - Montego Sela

Montego Sela Mont Blue 12 X 12 Cleft Slate Tile (10 Sq. Ft./Case)

Montego Sela Mont Blue 12 X 12 Cleft Slate Tile (10 Sq. Ft./Case)

The vibrant colors and unique texture makes slates appropriate for interior as well as exterior applications. Slate is formed of compressed layers of sediments formed under ocean. Slate is a regionally metamorphosized, argillaceous rock, that has developed but has suffered re-crystallization, and compressed into a dense stone made up of quartz, iolite, mica and calcite. Because it is formed in layers, it can easily be split to expose beautifully textured surfaces. The usual colors of slates are earthy (various shades and mixes of browns, beiges, yellows), black, dark-grays, and greenish-gray but shades of pinks, purples and copper are also found. They usually exhibit lot of variations amongst the pieces quarried from the same pit. Slates, depending on their individual hardness, are used for flooring, cladding and landscaping.

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This is the inside of the slate roof of a barn. There is no treatment just the natural patination of a weathered surface

Slate Quarries, Easdale Island

Slate Quarries, Easdale Island

Slate workings and flooded slate quarries.

flooring tile slate

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