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Fashion School Online

fashion school online

  • Use materials to make into

  • make out of components (often in an improvising manner); "She fashioned a tent out of a sheet and a few sticks"

  • Make into a particular or the required form

  • characteristic or habitual practice

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fashion school online - Gothic Charm

Gothic Charm School: An Essential Guide for Goths and Those Who Love Them

Gothic Charm School: An Essential Guide for Goths and Those Who Love Them

An essential, fully illustrated guidebook to day-to-day Goth living
There's more to being a Goth than throwing on some black velvet, dyeing your hair, and calling it a day (or a night). How do you dress with morbid flair when going to a job interview? Is there such a thing as growing too old to be a Goth? How do you explain to your grandma that it's not just a phase?
Jillian Venters, a.k.a. "the Lady of the Manners," knows how to be strange and unusual without sacrificing politeness and etiquette. In Gothic Charm School, she offers the quintessential guide to dark decorum for all those who have ever searched for beauty in dark, unexpected places, embraced their individuality, and reveled in decadence . . . and for families and friends who just don't understand.

76% (13)

Back To School Dress Up

Back To School Dress Up

Our cute girl is on her way to her high school. This is her first day and she is very much tensed to meet new teachers and friends. Her mind is pre occupied thinking how to make new friends. She is not able to concentrate on her dresses and accessories. She needs your help. Give her the best hair style, hair bands, good looking school bags, ear rings and the most important thing is her uniform. Select the best one for her.

fashion school online

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