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Canon ae 1 35mm slr camera : Waterproof video camera housing : Panasonic usb camera.

Canon Ae 1 35mm Slr Camera

canon ae 1 35mm slr camera

    slr camera
  • A single-lens reflex (SLR) camera is a camera that typically uses a semi-automatic moving mirror system that permits the photographer to see exactly what will be captured by the film or digital imaging system (after a very small delay), as opposed to pre-SLR cameras where the view through the

  • Single Lens Reflex Camera, same as above and the digital is assumed in my world.

  • (in the Roman Catholic Church) A member of certain orders of clergy that live communally according to an ecclesiastical rule in the same way as monks

  • a priest who is a member of a cathedral chapter

  • a rule or especially body of rules or principles generally established as valid and fundamental in a field or art or philosophy; "the neoclassical canon"; "canons of polite society"

  • canyon: a ravine formed by a river in an area with little rainfall

  • A member of the clergy who is on the staff of a cathedral, esp. one who is a member of the chapter. The position is frequently conferred as an honorary one

    ae 1
  • AE1 is a designation used to refer to multiple things: * HMAS AE1, the first submarine to serve in the Royal Australian Navy * Aero Ae 01, a design of Czechoslovakian military trainer biplane entering use in 1919 * Canon AE-1, a 35 mm film, single-lens reflex (SLR) camera * Anion Exchanger 1, a

  • 35 mm film is the basic film gauge most commonly used for chemical still photography (see 135 film) and motion pictures, and remains relatively unchanged since its introduction in 1892 by William Dickson and Thomas Edison, using film stock supplied by George Eastman.

  • A small format film, with an image size of 24 x 36mm available in 12, 24 or 36 exposures. It is the most commonly used film size, but does not offer the quality of medium or large format, because this small negative must be enlarged quite a bit in the darkroom loosing it's clarity and sharpness.

  • The standard film gauge for films intended to be shown in cinemas. Depending on the film stock being used, 35mm film is capable of producing an image of sufficient detail to fill even a large cinema screen.

canon ae 1 35mm slr camera - Canon Sure

Canon Sure Shot A-1 Water Resistant 35mm Camera

Canon Sure Shot A-1 Water Resistant 35mm Camera

Designed for sports enthusiasts, the Canon A-1 35mm point-and-shoot was engineered to perform under the toughest of conditions. Beneath the Canon Sure Shot A-1's rugged exterior lies an array of sophisticated electronic features including fully automatic functions. So waterproof is the Canon A-1 that it floats--even when loaded with film and batteries. It operates as deep as 16.4 feet and takes underwater shots with a focus range of 1.5 to 9.8 feet.
The Canon A-1 includes a wide-angle 32mm f/3.5 lens and 3-point active Smart Autofocus system with off-center focusing possible. A built-in flash equipped with red-eye reduction fires automatically in dim light. Other highlights include a 10-second self-timer, optional panoramic mode, and date imprinting. This camera comes with a one-year warranty.

76% (19)

My AE-1 w/28mm f/2.8 Vivitar lens attached

My AE-1 w/28mm f/2.8 Vivitar lens attached

My wonderful Canon AE-1 35mm Film SLR

Many of the photos that are posted have been taken on this very camera. I inherited this camera from my dad, who purchased it brand new in 1976, for about $600.00 (In 2009 that would be about $2200).

I have acquired many lenses over the past couple of months that I have been lucky enough to have this camera, and will continue to acquire lenses that work with the camera, provided that I actually do have a use for them.

I look forward to the many years that this camera will provide me with, as being of such an old vintage, I can pretty much guarantee that it'll outlast my digital by many many years! When they say, "They don't make them like this anymore!" They were talking about this Camera!
It is one of the most technologically significant cameras for its time. It didn't set any design records, but it outsold Nikon, Pentax, Leica, and Konika/Minolta!

Canon AE-1

Canon AE-1

The Canon AE-1, with FD 50mm 1:1.8 and data back.

canon ae 1 35mm slr camera

canon ae 1 35mm slr camera

SÃ,ren Kierkegaard's Journals and Papers, Volume 1: A-E

" 'I can be understood only after my death,' Kierkegaard noted prophetically: the fulfillment of this expectation for the English-speaking world a century and a quarter later is signified by the English translation in authoritative editions of all his works by the indefatigable Howard and Edna Hong.... The importance of [the Papirer] was emphasized by Kierkegaard himself.... The essentially religious interpretation he gave to his mission in life and his personal relationships is now documented clearly and exhaustively.... Obviously, these editions are essential for academic and large general collections." -- Library Journal
"From this point on, anyone interested in tracking down a Kierkegaardian theme will have to consult the Hong presentation as well as the books of Kierkegaard." -- Annual Review of Philosophy
"The translations are entirely excellent. One envies the Hongs their capacity in language, the breadth of their reading in Kierkegaard and his sources, and the dedication they brought to this Herculean task. The assistance of Gregor Malantschuk has contributed materially to the notes which serve as trenchant summaries of Kierkegaard's thought on the topics.... This is indeed a monumental work." -- Review of Metaphysics
"... [an] astonishing labor of editing and translating... " -- International Studies in Philosophy
"Howard and Edna Hong have brought to the task solid scholarship, linguistic competence, an imaginative and useful arrangement of the material, and a scrupulous self-effacement before the work. No one could ask for more." -- Citation of the Judges at the National Book Awards
"We must be grateful to the Hongs for their enormous labor.... Kierkegaard's Journals and Papers are worth having for angry days, or 'inward' days; especially when they have been translated in as lively and sensitive a manner as are the texts in this first volume." -- Nation
The incidental writings of SA?ren Kierkegaard, published in the twenty-volume Danish edition of the Papirer, provide direct access to the thought of the many-faceted nineteenth-century philosopher who exerted so profound an influence on Protestant theology and modern existentialism. This important material, which Danish scholars regard as the "key to the scriptures" of Kierkegaard's other work, spans his entire productive life, the last entry of the Papirer being dated only a few days before his death. These writings have been previously inaccessible in English except for a few fragmentary selections; the most significant writings are now being made available in this definitive seven-volume edition under the editorship of two expert scholars and translators.
Kierkegaard's scattered writings fall into three main subject groupings: journal entries of varied content, notes and early versions of his published material, and personal reactions to his reading and study. In length and degree of polish they range from brief and cryptic notes to extensive lecture material, finished travel sketches, and extended philosophical speculation. The translators provide annotations, copious notes, and a collation of entries with the Danish Papirer.
The editors group the selections in Volumes I through IV by theme, with all entries on a given subject under the same heading. Within subject headings, entries are arranged chronologically, making it feasible to trace the evolution of Kierkegaard's thought on a specific topic. Volumes V and VI are devoted to autobiographical material. Volume VII contains an extensive index with topical crossreferences.

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