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Top 10 Digital Camera

top 10 digital camera

    digital camera
  • a camera that encodes an image digitally and store it for later reproduction

  • A digital camera (also digicam or camera for short) is a camera that takes video or still photographs, or both, digitally by recording images via an electronic image sensor.

  • Usually captures images with the help of a CCD chip. The image data received is then saved to special memory cards or other storage media. (SmartMedia, xD-Picture Card,† Compact Flash,† Memory Stick,† SD Card,† MMC Card)

  • A camera that records and stores digital images

    top 10
  • Top 10 is a nightly countdown show on the NHL Network of anything hockey, from great performances to memorable moments, some of the most dramatic events in NHL history are ranked. It airs weekdays at 6 PM.

  • Top 10 is a superhero comic book limited series published by the America's Best Comics imprint of Wildstorm, itself an imprint of DC Comics.

  • a tabulation of the Top 10 for every age 11 and older in †wevery event of all USA SWIMMING competition from the previous season. The short course "Top 16" are published in August and the long course "Top 16" are published every December.

Art prize 2011 top 10

Art prize 2011 top 10

Art prize 2011 grand rapids michigan artprize top 10

Ritch Branstrom
Artist bio
The magical world of Ritch Branstromís artistic vision fashions Michiganís raw material of cast off automotive bits and pieces, wood, worn farm implements and the homely detritus of a hard working people into three-dimensional works of eloquence, humor, and heart. Those who feel an affinity with the tapestry of cultures, endurance, natural resources, beauty, and socioeconomic realities that comprise The Great Lake State, will find its expression in the work of this Michigan native whose Found Object Art is a natural result of his own upbringing which spanned the diverse cultures of both of the Stateís peninsulaís. Branstromís knowledge of, and appreciation for the provenance of many of the components adds yet another layer of meaning to his work.
About the work
Title: "Rusty" A sense of direction/ self portrait of the artist

Art form: 3-D

Medium: Found Object Sculpture

Year created: 2011

Description of work: Found Object Sculpture
Height: 12 feet
Width: 8 feet
Depth: 19 feet

Camera Collection

Camera Collection

I've been doing digital photography since 1995. Here's a collage of those digital cameras I've used since then and continue to use to this day (circa August 2009).

Casio QV-10 (left top)
Olympus D-320L (right top)
Olympus E-10 (bottom left)
Canon 10D (bottom right)
Canon 5D (center)

These days I continue to use my Canon 10D for all my equirectangular shots and Canon 5D for rectilinear (and also as a backup for my 10D).

top 10 digital camera

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