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Polaroid Instant Camera. Best Camera Dslr 2011.

Polaroid Instant Camera

polaroid instant camera

    polaroid instant camera
  • The instant camera is a type of camera with self-developing film. The best known are those formerly made by Polaroid Corporation.

Polaroid I-zone Instant Pocket Camera Green, made in Thailand

Polaroid I-zone Instant Pocket Camera Green, made in Thailand

The Polaroid i-zone camera is a simple camera which takes it own Polaroid instant (pocket) film. The camera itself, whilst quite fun is really very simple. It has quite a wide angled fixed focus lens and manual aperture control (F10, F12.5 & F34.5) marked by symbols. It has one shutter speed and this is synchronised with the built in flash gun.

The i-zone takes 2 'AA' type batteries - but only for the flash. After exposure - each shot is removed from the camera by pulling on a paper tab. This draws out the pictures when then develops in normal light just like the Polaroid SX-70 and Polaroid SLR680.

Nice coloured camera. This is my only Polaroidcamera, normally I'm not interested in them, but I immediatly liked this one when I saw it on a local flee-market.



From my Polaroid to your eyes

Polaroid One600 Classic Instant Camera
Polaroid 600 Instant Color Film

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polaroid instant camera

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