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Rear View Mirror Monitor With Rear View Camera. Wireless Night Vision Security Camera Systems.

Rear View Mirror Monitor With Rear View Camera

rear view mirror monitor with rear view camera

    view camera
  • A style of camera consisting of a bellows connecting a lens support and film holder, mounted on a rail or pair of rails. View cameras offer the lens and film planes a great deal of unrestricted physical movement for controlling depth of field and perspective.

  • The view camera is a type of camera first developed in the era of the DaguerreotypeStroebel, L. D. (1986). View Camera Technique, 5th ed., p. 212. Boston: Focal Press. ISBN 0-240-51711-3 and still in use today, though with many refinements.

  • Originally a camera used for taking 'views' or landscapes. Now generally used of any large format camera, usually one equipped with movements.

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  • admonisher: someone who gives a warning so that a mistake can be avoided

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rear view mirror monitor with rear view camera - Backup Camera

Backup Camera System w/ 4.2" TFT LCD Color Rear View Mirror Monitor, 130 CCD Camera with Night Vision Audio All the Wires, Connectors and Mounts You Will Need. For Pick-up Trucks, Rv's Trucks Trailers, Bus, Etc.

Backup Camera System w/ 4.2

This system is complete with 4.2" Color TFT LCD Rear View Mirror Display with Mirror Image Capability. Universal Clip-on Mirror Display Attaches to Existing Vehicle's Rear View Mirror, a 3 channel Multiplexer (Can Connect a DVD Player or Other Cameras) with Automatic System switch, 130 CCD Camera with 50 Foot Infra-red Night Vision and all the Wires, Connectors and Mounts You Will Need. The system is completely Weather Proof with a IP68 rating, Strong and Reliable, Shock Resistant with a 10G impact rating and Comes with a Full Year Warranty.

79% (12)

Valley Forge - Time Lapse

Valley Forge - Time Lapse

This is a time lapse video shot at Valley Forge National Park, Pennsylvania. This is the first time I made one time lapse video that's shot at different locations. As it was slightly cold, I was sitting inside the car and kept monitoring the camera through my rear view mirror (since there were quite a few runners in the park - not that anyone posed any threat, I just wasn't taking it easy with 1000s of dollars worth of equipment laying in the open!).

Also, one thing I found slightly interesting in this video is how the flag is risen from half mast to a full after the cop stops for a brief moment and rises the flag (towards the end of the video).

This video is shot using a Canon 7D and about 253 photographs stitched using QuickTime.

IMW Experiment Board

IMW Experiment Board

A board that the Illuminati Motor Works guys had put together, showing some of the things they had experimented with to raise the fuel economy of the cars we had Hyundai donate to them.

rear view mirror monitor with rear view camera

rear view mirror monitor with rear view camera


Get "factory" feel and functionality with Rydeen's installed MN305 navigation system. The MN305 replaces your factory mirror, giving you satellite-based navigation at a glance and within easy reach. The MN305 also functions as a Bluetooth-enabled handsfree system, enabling you to make safe calls while driving. The backup camera input is also available, including automatic trigger switching between the GPS and back up screens. *Millions of Points of Interests with Phone Numbers for Most Locations *Natural Sounding Text to SpeechTM *Quick & Easy Installation *Mirror measures 12-1/4 inches

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