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Review Nikon D5000 Camera - Buy Camera Bags Online.

Review Nikon D5000 Camera

review nikon d5000 camera

    nikon d5000
  • The D5000 is a 12.3 megapixel DX format DSLR Nikon F-mount camera announced by Nikon on 14 April 2009. The D5000 has many features in common with the D90. It features a 2.7-inch 230,000-dot resolution tilt-and-swivel LCD monitor (D90 is 3.

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review nikon d5000 camera - Nikon DVD

Nikon DVD D5000 3 Pack Vol 1 & 2 with Speedlight Camera Training Video Guide by Blue Crane Digital

Nikon DVD D5000 3 Pack Vol 1 & 2 with Speedlight Camera Training Video Guide by Blue Crane Digital

Blue Crane Digital gives you the power to unleash your cameras potential. Each DVD offers you a solid understanding of your cameras features, and provides you with the tools you will need to capture the best images under all conditions. All topics are arranged in chapters, so you can move at your own pace, and return later to individual subjects. These DVDs are NTSC All Regions (Discs are uncoded and can be played Worldwide, however, must be played in NTSC-compatible unit) unless otherwise indicated.

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Have you ever felt that someone is categorizing you and (unfairly or ignorantly) expecting you to stay put in that neat little category? I hope this photo depicts that kind of struggle...

I realized recently (after my performance review, imagine that!) that some folks around work have tried to put labels on me and peg me in a corner where I am not challenged and do not get to use all my skills. This photo is the result of trying to figure out how to best express my frustration and rebellion against this, not only at work but with other things I do... So for the first time I set out with a camera for a series of (long and surprisingly difficult) self-portraits, and some experimental overlays using Photoshop to push my boundaries and try something new, something out of the box (or, better yet, can)...

Hoping February and the rest of the year go better than January...!

Comments, constructive criticism and suggestions on improvement of technique are very welcome...

My New Toy! :)

My New Toy! :)

The Nikon D5000!

I am really liking my new Nikon D5000. It's a great camera, little to me, but probably big to others. One of the main reasons I bought the Nikon D5000 is because of the D-Movie Mode. I really like the DOF control of this camera when shooting video in 720p HD at 24Fps (Frames Per Second). The Auto-Focus is greatly improved from the Nikon D60. They are about the same size also.

The Var-Angle LCD Screen is a huge plus. I wish my Nikon D300 had it. Well actually I take that back, if I had a Nikon D300s I would want it to have a Var-Angle LCD. But I wouldn't mind it on the D300.

One thing that really bums me out, is that this camera cannot focus with lenses like the 80-200mm f/2.8 (My next lens) and other lenses that do not have inner focusing systems.

Overall this camera is completely worth the money, I would definently look into buying one even if you own like a D3 or D700 or D300!

review nikon d5000 camera

review nikon d5000 camera

The Nikon Companion

A daily blog for users of Nikon Digital SLR cameras, lenses, and accessories. Written by Darrell Young, author of the well known Mastering The Nikon DSLR series of print and eBooks. Darrell discusses Nikon photography, equipment, and accessories—along with the unique pleasures and perils of being a Nikon photographer.

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