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Camera Backpack Cases. Best Dslr Camera Reviews 2011. Mini Usb Camera

Camera Backpack Cases

camera backpack cases

    camera backpack
  • (Camera Backpacks) Backpacks with specialized compartments designed to hold and protect cameras and camera accessories.

  • An item of luggage; a suitcase

  • The outer protective covering of a natural or manufactured object

  • (case) look over, usually with the intention to rob; "They men cased the housed"

  • A container designed to hold or protect something

  • (case) event: a special set of circumstances; "in that event, the first possibility is excluded"; "it may rain in which case the picnic will be canceled"

  • (case) an occurrence of something; "it was a case of bad judgment"; "another instance occurred yesterday"; "but there is always the famous example of the Smiths"

camera backpack cases - Case Logic

Case Logic UNZB-2 Compact Camera Case (Pink)

Case Logic UNZB-2 Compact Camera Case (Pink)

The Case Logic UNZB-2 Compact Camera Case (Pink) is compatible with ultra compact cameras, MP3 players, cell phones and other small portable electronics. Stretchy neoprene case protects your electronics while minimizing bulk. Stiff front panel protects your delicate LCD screen. Universal appeal- holds credit cards/money, first aid supplies or whatever else you can dream up. Compact design- easily fits in your pocket, purse or backpack. Detachable wrist strap included. Internal Dimensions: 2.3 x 1 x 3.8" 25 Year Warranty!

85% (14)

Tamrac 5375 Backpack

Tamrac 5375 Backpack

This was my big present this year--a backpack style camera bag. It's very nice and pretty much holds all my (current) digital kit yet doesn't feel heavy at all.

The backpack is very sturdy and the design is well thought out, including rain flaps to prevent rain from entering along the zippers , flaps to keep the accessory compartment zipper tabs from coming into contact with the camera equipment below, and an extra strap to make sure the flap stays closed even if the zippers slid open (which I doubt they would). Only thing I would add would be either a place to store the belt strap or a way to disconnect it; I don't see myself using it very often, but would hate to cut it off completely.

The outer front pouch has all my manuals and could hold my A620 if I didn't want to carry it in my purse like I normally do. It also has a pouch and strap for carrying a tripod.

Tenba Shootout Backpack

Tenba Shootout Backpack

This is my Tenba Shootout Backpack, which holds much of my lighting equipment

Filled in this backpack is:

Three (3) Wescott 43" umbrellas
Small Silk tripod
Five (5) Pocket Wizards
Six (6) Umbrella brackets (3 have Paramount hotshoe cords)
Piece of PVC with gaffers tape
Small Maglite flashlight
Plano tackle box container to hold cords, parts, etc.
White balance target
Two (2) A-Clamps
Two (2) Vivitar 283's (with VariPower)
Two (2) Vivitar 285's
Two (2) Stofen Omnibounce (for 285s)
Lightsphere Knockoff
Three (3) Super Clamps
Four (4) Bungees
Several gels (10 on each side)
Two (2) Manfrotto collapsible lightstands
Two (2) 32" umbrellas
Honl Snoot, flag, wrap bands

camera backpack cases

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