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Lumens Document Camera

lumens document camera

    lumens document camera
  • Document cameras, also known as image presenters, visual presenters, digital visualizers, ("visualisers" in the United Kingdom) digital overheads, and docucams, are real-time image capture devices for displaying an object to a large audience.

lumens document camera - Lumens DC235

Lumens DC235 The Portable Ladibug Visual Presenter

Lumens DC235 The Portable Ladibug Visual Presenter

he Lumens DC235 is a document camera which is designed especially for the classrooms to enhance the student's learning experience. The document camera features high quality image and video capture capability. With the output resolution of SXGA (1280 x 1024) & XGA (1024 x 768), it delivers very high quality and clear images. Users can use it to record audio/video directly to Mac or PC. It is privileged to have highest frame rate i.e. 20fps. With its flexible gooseneck, it can capture the view from all the directions. It also features two cold cathode lamps which promise 20,000 hours of life. The Lumens DC235 comes with the Ladibug software. The software assists the users in operating the camera effectively. After the application is installed, you can capture the image or video. By using the software, you can also annotate the image, mark important details and save the images. The software is perfectly compatible with Windows 7, XP, Vista and Mac OSX. The software can be downloaded free from the lumens website. The document camera is also compatible with distant learning chat software which further compliments its functionality. The Lumens DC235 is a multipurpose product. It can also be used in combination with interactive whiteboard and projector for enhanced functionality. Similarly, it can also be used as a webcam for Skype. It allows the users to perform various functions to ensure the quality of images and video. Users can adjust the focus, exposure, white balance, image mode, etc. It is also equipped with various security features to prevent unauthorized use of information. It has port for Kensington lock. It is provided with screw holes, so that it can be mounted for increased security.

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pocket dump.

pocket dump.

Over the years I realized I really don't need much on me. Hell, I don't need much in general. But in terms of EDC, there was only a few things I've ever really needed, and anything else wasn't hard to find when I did. I think I've got this down to as small and useful as I can make it.

-Oakley Plank eyeglasses with transition lenses. I replace these with a pair of Oakley Straight Jackets in matte black with RX transitions if I'm going to be active or if I'm going to work.
-Keys on an S-Biner. i have the hated Swiss-Tech Utili-Key, a 16GB LaCie iamaKey, along with my room and house keys.
-Titanium money clip with only the essentials(ID, BART ticket, debit card, credit card, and some cash).
-Lum-Tech Combat B3 with a modified TAD Gear five ring divers strap(I cut off the tail with the other two rings).
-Hair tie.
-iPhone 4. I throw a black bumper on this when I'm doing something physical or when I'm at work.

So a couple things. If you look through my stream for EDC stuff, you'll see I used to carry a shit ton of stuff at one point. Here's what i learned from living in an urban environment where I mostly walk and take public transit through all sorts of neighborhoods:

-While a knife can make a great pry tool as well as a screw driver, the only times I really needed a knife was to cut open packaging or loose thread. The blade on the Utili-Key does that just fine. I also think being aware of your surroundings, being strong/fit and having basic self defense skills are more useful than a folder in most instances.
-When do you really need to burn or light something in the city if you don't smoke? I no longer carry a zippo or a split pea lighter.
-I'll admit that at least a basic light is a must. I used to carry small Fenix lights, and even larger Surefire lights. The LEDs on most of our phones is plenty for finding something you dropped, lighting a small path, or even picking combo locks. I know people factor in lights into self defense, but again it's like the knife. There are other factors that will be more useful than blinding someone with 7865478 lumens.
-I can see why people may want a small notepad and pen. I really do. However I feel like Simple Note works just fine for me, and if I ever need to sign something or fill up a document, there's a writing tool available.

Of course YMMV. I understand the concept of preparedness. I can see why people need more than this and I can even justify the costs of some of it. I just feel a lot of people who are into EDC are more caught up in showing off their toys than actually using them. I think it's a lot like people with high end cameras and lenses that don't know how to use them well or people with overpowered computers who just talk shit on message boards and blogs all day. Don't get me wrong, it's not always like this, but I seriously think a lot of this is just showing off your status(that's why I wear a watch even though my phone has a clock) and knowledge of the unimportant, plain and simple. But then again, the same can be said about many other hobbies/interests. I just find it humorous that some well off suburban kids might feel the need to be "prepared" for anything and go home and share this with their online buddies.

Plus, wouldn't preparedness involve you not letting people know what you have up your sleeve?

Canis Lupus

Canis Lupus

Taken with a Lumens DC620 Document Camera

lumens document camera

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