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Baby buggy book. Happy healthy baby.

Baby Buggy Book

baby buggy book

    baby buggy
  • A baby carriage

  • a small vehicle with four wheels in which a baby or child is pushed around

  • Baby transport (or child carrier, stroller, perambulator or baby carrier) consists of devices for transporting and carrying infants. A "child carrier" or "baby carrier" is a device used to carry an infant or small child on the body of an adult.

  • physical objects consisting of a number of pages bound together; "he used a large book as a doorstop"

  • Reserve accommodations for (someone)

  • a written work or composition that has been published (printed on pages bound together); "I am reading a good book on economics"

  • engage for a performance; "Her agent had booked her for several concerts in Tokyo"

  • Reserve (accommodations, a place, etc.); buy (a ticket) in advance

  • Engage (a performer or guest) for an occasion or event

baby buggy book - Wallmonkeys Peel

Wallmonkeys Peel and Stick Wall Decals - Illustration of Girl Pushing Baby Carriage - 18"H x 17"W Removable Graphic

Wallmonkeys Peel and Stick Wall Decals - Illustration of Girl Pushing Baby Carriage - 18

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89% (6)

SANDS - the life I thought I'd have (04/05)

SANDS - the life I thought I'd have (04/05)

This book represents so much to me, I bought it in the autumn of 2004 when I was expecting twins and read up on how to cope with the whole twin pregnancy, birth, juggling babies and raising confident twins thing. The book has stayed on my shelf ever since December 2004, not the well thumbed tome I thought it would be - because I have never had to juggle 2 babies at once or wonder which twin is taking the lead, or enjoy them lying in their crib together, or listen to them chatter in their own language - because my twins arrived early and went to the NICU and my tiny baby boy Thomas (twin 2) died when he was 2 days old leaving Jonny (twin1) as a twin survivior and our lives forever altered. The twin buggy, the second cot, second carseat were all returned but the book I kept not because I will ever have need of it but to remind me of the woman I was and the life I hoped to lead before my baby died.

Until it happened to us I knew no-one whose baby had died, I wish that was still true but unfortunately it isn't - we aren't alone in our pain - today 17 other parents will have felt that overwhelming disbelief that they won't be taking their baby home with them.

Some cold, hard facts:

• 17 babies die every day in the UK (10 are stillbirths, 7 are neonatal deaths) totalling almost 6,500 baby deaths a year - the equivalent of 16 jumbo jets crashing every year with no survivors
• This is four times the number of people who die every year of MRSA
• This is double the number of adults who lose their lives on Britain’s roads every year
• Ten times more babies are stillborn than die of cot death every year in the UK.
• The stillbirth rate has remained almost unchanged for the past 10 years. (CEMACH)
• 1 in every 200 babies are stillborn in the UK
• 1 in every 300 babies born in the UK die in the first four weeks of life
• In half of all stillbirths the cause remains unexplained, although in more than half of these pregnancies the baby is smaller than it should be
• Many of these babies are born perfectly formed, with no clear reason why they died. We need to understand what is causing these deaths and take action to prevent avoidable losses
• The majority of unexplained stillbirths are in pregnancies that were previously considered low risk

Sands is the UK’s Stillbirth and Neonatal Death charity, an organisation which offers support to everyone affected by the death of a baby during pregnancy or after birth.

Sands’ core aims are to:
• Support anyone affected by the death of a baby;
• To work in partnership with health professionals to improve the quality of care and services offered to bereaved families; and
• To promote research and changes in practice that could help to reduce the loss of babies' lives

In memory of our darling Thomas Jack 19/12/2004 - 21/12/2004

Baby blanket for Paul

Baby blanket for Paul

This is my second completed baby blanket, and my first patchwork project ever. I figured, how hard could it be -- crocheting blocks, seaming them, blocking the thing and backing it with fleece? Well, the crocheting the blocks part was the only easy thing about this. Seaming was a pain, blocking was a pain, and backing it was probably one of the most frustrating things I've done in my entire life. BUT it's done, and I like it. There are ties at each corner to fasten it down in the buggy.

The cross block pattern is from the 200 Crochet Blocks book. The snowflakes are from the snowfire pattern in the Great Grannie Crochet Book. The basic grannies are just from my head, I can't remember where I learned them. And the 3d little blocks are from a vintage purse pattern, and I only made two because I hated making them so much! :)

baby buggy book

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