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Bicycle Mirror Helmet : Lite Bmx Bikes : American Chopper Spider Bike

Bicycle Mirror Helmet

bicycle mirror helmet

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bicycle mirror helmet - Safe Zone

Safe Zone Bicycle Helmet Mirror

Safe Zone Bicycle Helmet Mirror

This is the Highest Quality Bicycle Helmet-Mounted Mirror available. This bicycle helmet mirror is so well-received by our customers that they claim it is the best helmet-mounted mirror available. We think you will agree if you try one. That's what we intended when we designed it. The HUGE 2.250" mirror which yields a huge field of view is by far much larger than anything else available. The large mirror size makes it easy to view EVERYTHING approaching from the rear, more or less simultaneously while looking straight ahead. Learn more at: The STURDY mounting is weak adhesives or fragile parts used! Additionally, the linked stalk retains it's easy to adjust functionality FOREVER; Guaranteed never to loosen! . Simply attach to helmet with included zip-ties, bend it into a position that offers best visibility, and it stays put!

79% (14)

new helmet, temporary lighting setup

new helmet, temporary lighting setup

Trustfire TR-801 (Cree XR-E emitter) on a handy velcro-and-rubber temporary mount, as well as the velcro-mounted front (amber) blinkie and CycleAware rear-view mirror. The latter seems to be sticking much better than the original did; I sanded the surface slightly (and cleaned it very carefully) before mounting the mirror.

crash damage: helmet

crash damage: helmet

I don't recall any particular impact on the helmet, and other than the mirror mount, there was no obvious damage. But clearly there was some sort of impact, so my working assumption is that the helmet is internally damaged and unsafe for further use. :-(

bicycle mirror helmet

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