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Giant mens bike - Scott tt bike.

Giant Mens Bike

giant mens bike

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#83 - I Like To Ride My Bicycle

#83 - I Like To Ride My Bicycle

This is my eldest boy with his brand new Giant Revel 3 which the lucky little chap got for his 9th birthday (OK his birthday isn't for another week and a half).

Considering its technically a mens bike I was pleased he only stacked it once on the eight mile ride (kids, they never listen!!). He did manage to pull a number of jumps on speed humps in the road without ditching it. Good lad!! :)


SunpakPZ42X at 1/4 38mm Zoom as key light to the right of shot

Vivitar 2800 at full power to the front as fill.

Golden State Circuit Race 2011

Golden State Circuit Race 2011

Mens Pro/1/2/3 - Golden State Circuit Race, Rancho Cordova, California. May 22, 2011. Photo 2011 MYi2U

giant mens bike

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