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Triathlon bike computer - Cheapest kids bikes.

Triathlon Bike Computer

triathlon bike computer

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Thanksgiving Day Ride

Thanksgiving Day Ride

(Explore: Nov. 30, 2007, #455)

It was 28 F when I started my ride at 7:30 AM. My computer stopped working at 35 miles. Total ride time was 4 hours, a little under 60 miles, estimated.

It was cold and freezing but I felt good to be on the bike again! I'm ready for the big meal ahead!

office 0001

office 0001

I've decided that I should make more of an effort to be one with my camera. I brought my gear into the office today in case I have time to take some pictures after work. Then I thought, "Why wait 'till after work?"

triathlon bike computer

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