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Wooden Training Bikes

wooden training bikes

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Old Wooden Wabash Boxcar @ Monticello RR Museum

Old Wooden Wabash Boxcar @ Monticello RR Museum

A very very old wooden Wabash boxcar on display @ the Monticello RR Museum during a special railfest event. The event featured train rides pulled by an old Illinois Central(IC) GP11 to the downtown Monticello IC Railroad Depot and back, as well as a few round trips on the Leviatron, a copy of an original steam locomotive built in the 1970s or 80s (it wasn't the original thing, just a copy, but it still runs on steam), as well as a bunch of other cool stuff such as speeders, handcars, and other old, historic diesel locomotives on display. The tracks which go from the museum to downtown Monticello also connect with an NS mainline a mile past the Monticello Depot, making it easy for new rolling stock to be added to the museum.

At the Doylestown Train Station , end of the R5 line .

At the Doylestown Train Station , end of the R5 line .

This is the new Doylestown train station built in 1876 to replace the wooden one built when the line was laid in 1856 . This is indeed the end of the line . The last station on the R5 line out of Philly . For the line to continue it would be necessary to go through numerous historic houses and two world class museums .

wooden training bikes

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