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Trail A Bike Adams - Classic Road Bicycles.

Trail A Bike Adams

trail a bike adams

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Adam Lake - Trail Head

Adam Lake - Trail Head

Location: Turtle Mountain Provincial Park
Trail: Adam Lake

This is where the fun begins; what a great trial system. Plenty of loops, short & long, most are doubletrack with rolling hills, great lake views.

I was able to spend over four hours exploring all the loops and shortcuts, most were a bit muddy as it had been raining for at least a week. All the rain also prevented me from accessing most of the park; the majority of it is only accessible through dry-weather roads.

I will definitely return when the trails are dry, I bet they're fast.

Adam Lake - Shoofly Loop

Adam Lake - Shoofly Loop

Location: Turtle Mountain Provincial Park
Trail: Adam Lake

A ladder bridge to nowhere. Not sure where it led to when it wasn't broken...nothing but swamp all around.

There's another shot of the Maple Leaf split between the upper chainstays, love that!

Most of my time on the bike was spent on this loop, most of it follows the lake's edge. The tall grass prevents you from seeing the ground...sometimes there was more water than land under my wheels.

trail a bike adams

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