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Mks Bike Parts

mks bike parts

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Raleigh Grand Prix restoration at Flying Pigeon LA

Raleigh Grand Prix restoration at Flying Pigeon LA

This bike came in totally disassembled, with a lot of sentimental value behind it.

We slowly rebuilt the bike, polishing everything in our path (Leticia did most of the work on this bike). The Phil Wood hubs laced into 27" Mavic MA 2 rims were sent back to the factory to have fresh bearings pressed in. A honey Brooks B17 and matching leather bar tape finish off the bike nicely.

To make the multi-speed rear wheel work as a single speed, we did some magic with a few hub shims, and a slightly shorter cottered bottom bracket than the one that came with the bike. We also reversed the chain ring on the crank arm spindle. The chain line isn't perfectly straight, but it is pretty darn close. MKS Sylvan Touring pedals are a good match for your typical flat-bottomed sneaker set (a pair of Chuck Taylors, Vans, etc.)

Schwalbe Marathons are the tires of choice for most of our hard core city riders - and this old Raleigh Grand Prix got a set.

We think the bike looks great and rides like new (or maybe better) after all of the time and attention we put into it.

The build labor and parts came to a little under $350. Paint was done by our customer (we typically charge anywhere from $120+ to have a bike powdercoated).

the super-commuter

the super-commuter

Final picture of my completed super-commuter. Built this from the ground-up, with custom parts that I chose specifically to achieve this final look. Frame is a 1984 Trek 400 series road bike which was media-blasted clean, then powdercoated with semi-gloss black.

Other accessories include laquered cork grips, polished chrome fenders, a cowhide seat, and stainless-steel brained cable housings from Velo Orange, stem-mounted shifting, a Nitto Northroads handlebar, and a Minnehaha seat-roll bag. MKS 3000 rubber-block pedals round it all out.

Riding to work in a sport coat and a tie is no problem on the super-commuter.

mks bike parts

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