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Roll down sun shades - Layout hunting blinds - Canopies for bedroom.

Roll Down Sun Shades

roll down sun shades

    sun shades
  • A space sunshade or sunshield can be described as analogous to a parasol that s or otherwise reduces some of a star's rays, preventing them from hitting a planet and thereby reducing its insolation, which results in less heating of the planet.

  • can also refer to the sun-shading eyepiece-type, although the term is not exclusive to these. Also in use is the derivative abbreviation, shades.

    roll down
  • avalanche: gather into a huge mass and roll down a mountain, of snow

  • Close out options at one strike and simultaneously open other options at a lower strike.

  • To move to an option position with a lower exercise price.

Lots of snow on shaded slopes

Lots of snow on shaded slopes


After we left Kodachrome Basin State Park, we headed for Bryce National Park. We knew at over 9,000 feet, there would be lots of snow, but since Ed had never been there and I had never seen the park with lots of snow, so we both decided to give it a go.

The visit to Bryce National Park was GREAT. I had never been there with fewer people. Most of the main viewpoints had been plowed clear and the contrast with the unique sandstone rock formations, the trees, the sky, and the snow, was really interesting. Rainbow Point, at the end of the road and at above 9,100’ was open, with the parking lot cleared of snow as was the path to the viewpoint. There was close to three feet of snow at Rainbow Point.

We enjoyed the Bryce ravens. Each pullout had a “group” of ravens “working” the tourists, who would stop there.

So Bryce was the last main stop for this sun and fun filled day. After Bryce it was check into our rooms at the Circle “D” in Escalante, and head over to Escalante Outfitters for a great “top off the day” dinner.


If there was one day to “live again” on this road trip then day TEN was it. It was outstanding from start to finish. The weather was A1 perfect. We had a little dirt road travel with the windows of the Jeep rolled down and a lot of good photo ops at the many different places we traveled. Oh yes, a great meal at the Escalante Outfitters to end the day properly.

We left Page, Arizona before dawn. We watched the sun come up over Navajo Mountain and Lake Powell. Then on to “The Toadstools” off highway 89 for a short hike and some great early morning light on those formations. We then backtracked 1.6 miles to the Cottonwood road (a road I had driven recently in my pickup truck, only from north to south), and enjoyed a clear warm blue sky day drive up to Butler (Grosvenor) arch.

From Butler arch, we went on to Kodachrome Basin, where we took a short three mile loop hike. I loved the campground at Kodachrome and have promised my wife that we will camp there together and take some of the longer hikes available in that pretty little state park (Oh yes, the campground has HOT showers).

From Kodachrome Basin state park, we drove up to Bryce National Park. LOTS of snow, but beautiful on a sunny day (few other people). We ate at the Subway just outside Ruby Inn - then drove on to Rainbow Point, which at 9,100 feet, had plenty of snow (about three feet worth along the lookout path).

Then we worked our way back out Bryce, stopping to photograph at each and every lookout point that had been plowed, enjoying Bryce as the sun dropped down low and the light changed by the minute.

After Bryce we backtracked again and drove on to Escalante, Utah (one of my often visited and favorite “base camps”), where we had reserved rooms by phone at the rustic but friendly: Circle “D” motel (ask for Robert and tell him Oldmantravels with the old red Toyota pickup truck sent you).

After checking in at the Circle “D”, we headed over to the Escalante Outfitters ( hiking supply, books, free internet use, excellent food, really friendly people cafe) - - for a big dinner a cold beer, pizza, and a “toast” to the best road trip day we had enjoyed thus far.

We had LOTS of dirt road destinations in mind for day 11 of the road trip (the next day) BUT we were in for quite a surprise the next morning at Escalante. So like on all good road trips, you stay flexible, make the best of what comes your way, and go for it and that is exactly what we did.


At the start of year 2011, I made tentative plans to take a two week solo “road trip” through the Four Corners area (The Colorado Plateau), during the last half of March. Then, if my wife could get the time needed off from her part time job, I also planned a “road trip” vacation to the Southwest, in April with her.

When I put the plan together for the March trip, I decided to see if an old friend of mine, Ed (Flickr’s: OldWrangler), might be interested in joining me. I volunteered to take my old four wheel drive pickup truck and split the gasoline expense with him. We would each get an inexpensive motel room on the road to serve as “base camps” to hike, photograph, and explore back roads in the Four Corners area.

Not only did Ed accept but he also proposed that we take his brand new 4-door Jeep Wrangler instead of my old pickup truck. That didn’t take any thinking on my part. I LOVE Jeeps and Ed and I have always got along well (decades ago, I worked for him and we had taken a fun road trip together back in 2008, along with my friend John and my youngest son). The deal was sealed.

We left my house in Central Washington early Monday morning on the 14th of March. We returned 12 days and 3,875 miles later on Friday evening March 25th. We spent a lot of time drinking Diet Pepsi from the ice chest and keeping the hits of the 60s (and occasionally the 70s), cranked up high o

Zanzibar Trend Nursery Centre

Zanzibar Trend Nursery Centre


Removable full bassinet
Canopy with three adorable toys
Flip away changing table
One hand-locking mechanism
Parent organizer
Three mesh sides with roll down fabric wind and sun shades
Pleated dust ruffle
Toy/storage pocket
Large wheels with brakes
Travel/storage tote bag
Electric music center with volume control, nightlight, and vibration
Music center includes two styles of music, nature sounds, and an input for MP3 players


Playard: 29"W x 42"L x 32.5"H

29 lbs


Playard: Birth ~ 30 lbs or 35"
Bassient/Changing Table: Birth ~ 4 m, weight: up to 15 lbs, height: up to 25" whichever comes first.

roll down sun shades

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