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  • A strong and fast-moving stream of water or other liquid

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mike watt + the secondmen - Mike, Pete, Jerry

mike watt + the secondmen - Mike, Pete, Jerry

May 2002. "The Met Cafe", Providence, RI.

From "the tour diary":
monday, may 13, 2002 - providence, ri

from pete:

woke up very well rested in vivek and tracey's pad in the sky. their turtle rex was staring at me out of his aquarium home, and I stared back at him wondering what he was really thinking. this was to be my last week of the tour so I was starting to feel a little melancholy (lights go down, violins play in background). as much as I miss lil the kill and the kids, I going to very much miss being in tour mode and playing w/watt and jer. at this point in the tour we've become a pretty well oiled machine and the shows have become much less scary and quite a bit tighter. hopefully things will fall into place when I get back and I'll be able to do the tour in the fall (it'll be a big step for me but I am forever the optimist).

vivek walks us back down to street level and we leg it on over to the lot where we parked the boat. watt pays the damage ($28.00!). we bid goodbye to and thank him and we're off towards providence. the sky is very dull and gray and the rainy weather hasn't let up yet (it's been with us since north carolina). we get out of manhattan relatively easy and I try to take some snaps as we go down FDR drive but there's too much rain and haziness to take anything remotely viewable. I am excited as I'm going to meet joe d. (aka joe depasquale) for the first time. mike's been telling us about him the whole trip and he sounds like an interesting cat. joe d. worked for the mayor, buddy ciani, who is being brought up on corruption charges and all kinds of other shit, it's front page news up here and it looks like they're going to put this cat away for a long time (they've got video of him and some of his crew accepting bribes. they called it "bringing the pizza and soda"). joe is also running for town council in providence (it's his fourth try).

we pull up to the pad around 3:00 (a place called the met cafe). parking is really scarce but we found a spot about a block away from the club, the only downside being that we would have to leg all the tools a good distance to the club in the rain (though it wasn't raining too hard at this point). nobody was at the club yet and we had about two hours til' loadin so me and jer went in search of some chow. we find a little deli right down the street from the pad called nick's, I order a tuna sandwich while jer orders some gluttenous item. the chow was very good. we finish eating and just then it starts to pour outside (buckets) so we dwcide to go back to the boat. as we near our spot we notice a big tourbus and trailer parked in front of this old theater that is a couple of doors down from the met, looks like there was another band playing right next to us so of course we had to go check it out. there were some cats that looked like crew members standing outside so jer asked them what band it was. "monster magnet" the cat replies. the guys name was ben and he was on the magnet crew. the place they were playing is called lupe's and is connected to the met and owned by the same cats only it's bigger. we watch as the cats load out all of the tools. those guys had so much equipment it was amazing! jer goes into the pad to ask if we can park behind the tour bus as there is a large space blocked off and our equipment will get drenched in the rain. the cat (I think he worked for lupo's) tells jer "no, I guess you're shit out of luck as we have another tourbus coming." well thanks for helping out the little guy you fucking putz, (fwiw, the cats on the monster magnet crew cool to us). watt goes to talk to someone inside and gets the same speil, only this guy tells him "well you know man, big band, big bus, little band, little bus, whatever. one of the crew cats says we can park the boat in back of the bus to unload, but we have to move it again. watt decides against this as we would probobly end up losing our coveted space and end up having to park much farther away. the downpour lets up a little but it's still coming down pretty good but we opt to do the load-in anyway. we get about half the tools into the pad when it starts coming down like niagara falls. me and watt make a run for it and jump in the back of the boat and shut the hatch. after about five minutes there is a slight respite in the downpour (it's still coming down but not so agro). we finish the loadin and set up the tools on stage after which the soundman (john) shows up. the monster magnet's lighting guy shows up to take a peek and rap w/watt and gives him a cd of his own band. the cat (tim is his name) is really cool and asks us what time we're going on. "11:00," watt replies. "well doesn't that eat a bag of dicks" he replies (monster magnet is going on at the same time). he said he and a bunch of his crew mant to come in an check it out if they can. watt says "sure, no problem." some of the crew c

oh, I need to write

oh, I need to write

oh, I need to write
my thoughts right now!
:la lala la la

I want to watch tv
not drop into the torrent of my consciousness

two memories
bombing The Hague

the nazis came
his dad was hiding in the basement
his elder sister played piano for the soldiers
while one balanced him on his knee
he was 2 or 3

when they were bombing the city
his mother and sisters and he were running through the burning streets to reach
a place of safety

two memories:
a parot flew by
he'd never seen one before
it was a trendy middle class acquisition at the time
so exotic
somehow free'd from a destroyed building

a leg
in a boot
no body in sight
just standing there

his father had a horse drawn carriage
and went back and forth to the house collecting all the things they'd want to keep
through the burning streets

everything else got destroyed around there...
but their house was fine
over the remaining years of the war
they sheltered many Jews
(his them in the basement, the walls)
because Jesus wanted them to
but they didn't learn their names
or answer their thank you cards years later



one of his best friend's as a kid (in queens, in the eighties... early nineties)
lost a finger in a...
you can't see it in this photo
he was my best friend...
but he was kind of abusive
he's probably really hot now.
we used to suck eachother off a lot
but at some point he just acted like an asshole for no reason and they stopped being friends

all sorts of functional blind spots.

today in Greenpoint
The Poles!
they are So Tacky!
all the letters: how does that sound?
I can't pronounce it...
how brazen... good for you!
income tax!
and a bunch of garbled words
and stuffed animals in the windows
-I think of the puff-paint sweatshirts in brataslava; rhinestones...
sparkle motion

and that depressing neighborhood yesterday in the bronx
where I thought...
one thing
and another thing
I didn't want to

it all hurts
these memories
and these judgements

I want integrity and love
memories are intrinsic
oh, but the tragedies...
are they really necessary?
because they happened, they are!
and these judgements?
what about the abuse I imagine happens inside the vinyl sided house with Two iron fences; American Flag

the "depression" I imagine

the chocolate and candies were horrible

I want to love everything!
but is that loving?

someone, he said, has to do the sorting
("and who gave you authority?!")

"he's sweet"
everyone says

'yeah, cloying. yeah, to give you cavities. oy! diabetes!'

being pleasant and nice is not useful
being liked
is not an important goal

action through integrity
has itself to answer for
no doubts or fear

accept what you are

when I was helping him today
holding her hair

I have to grow out my hair again

of course!
just a year of short hair

just this time


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