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How To Dry Flowers In Microwave. Florist Wedding Package.

How To Dry Flowers In Microwave

how to dry flowers in microwave

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Covering Passion Flower pressed

Covering Passion Flower pressed

Okay now you sandwich the last piece of pad on top .
Wrap with a couple rubber bands .
Stick this in the microwave for 20 to 30 SECONDS ONLY !!
then place under a Heavy book in a dry area . AFTER COOLED !
then grab another press to do the leaves too!
actually the leaves and tendrils you can just place in a piece of paper and put in the heavy book.
Wait a week and check it out!

SOLD - Sharp RE-26P microwave (2000)

SOLD - Sharp RE-26P microwave (2000)

Just a simple microwave. It has defrost functionality.

how to dry flowers in microwave

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