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Alstroemeria Wedding Bouquet

alstroemeria wedding bouquet

  • A South American plant with showy lilylike flowers, often cultivated as an ornamental

  • Wealth, prosperity, fortune, aspiring, devotion, friendship.  Resembling a miniature lily, alstroemeria is often called the Peruvian Lily or Lily of the Incas.

  • any of various South American plants of the genus Alstroemeria valued for their handsome umbels of beautiful flowers

  • Alstroemeria (syn. Alstremeria, ), commonly called the Peruvian Lily or Lily of the Incas, is a South American genus of about 50 species of flowering plants. Almost all of the species are restricted to one of two distinct centers of diversity, one in central Chile, the other in eastern Brazil.

  • A marriage ceremony, esp. considered as including the associated celebrations

  • a party of people at a wedding

  • marriage: the act of marrying; the nuptial ceremony; "their marriage was conducted in the chapel"

  • the social event at which the ceremony of marriage is performed

  • An attractively arranged bunch of flowers, esp. one presented as a gift or carried at a ceremony

  • An expression of approval; a compliment

  • The use of wine tasting descriptors allow the taster an opportunity to put into words the aromas and flavors that they experience and can be used in assessing the overall quality of wine.

  • A characteristic scent, esp. that of a wine or perfume

  • a pleasingly sweet olfactory property

  • an arrangement of flowers that is usually given as a present

alstroemeria wedding bouquet - PERUVIAN LILY



Plants grow around 36 inches tall. These seeds will give a mix of colors including apricot, melon to salmon-pink, cerise and many different reds from light too deep. Great cut flowers. Plants will become dense and spreading when established in the landscape, they can also be grown as a pot plant in a cool green house or sun room in colder climates. 'Peruvian Lily' will do best in a sunny exposure in cooler locations or part shade were it is hot. They should be given deep, humus rich, moisture retentive soils that are well draining. Hardy zone 6-11, in colder climates needs a lot of mulch protection in the winter if left outside.

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The Bridesmaid bouquet consists of lavender roses, floragene lavender and purple carnations, charms alstroemeria, purple freesia, bupleurum, and green hypericum berries. The hand tied bouquet is finished with a collar of salal leaves and ribbon loops.

My bouquet and place card

My bouquet and place card

The bride picked out fabulous flowers - reds with orange accents - makara orchids, parrot tulips, mini calla lilies, roses and alstroemeria.
Been a bridesmaid a few times, but this was my first crack at matron of honor.

alstroemeria wedding bouquet

alstroemeria wedding bouquet

Peruvian Lily - 200 Seeds

Peruvian Lily is a fragant, mixed color perennial that can be grown outside or as a container plant. It is great as a cutflower as it lasts long in a vase and has long stems with handsome foilage and is topped off with a bouquet of different colored 2 inch flowers. To grow Peruvian Lily flower seed, seek the seeds overnight, then plant in potting medium. Lightly cover the seeds and keep moist. Once established, Peruvian Lily's tubers spread rapidly about a foot underground, so might need a deep border to keep the plant from becoming invasive. In Northern climates will need to mulch heavily to keep the plant from freezing.

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