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Bare Minerals Wedding Makeup - Gothic Makeup Tips.

Bare Minerals Wedding Makeup

bare minerals wedding makeup

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Round 2

Round 2

Another attempt at wedding style makeup so I can be prepared for my friend in April. Wow what a difference nice products make.
I'm wearing a combination of Urban Decay, Mac, Laura Mercier, Bare Minerals, and Estee Lauder. Rather than Covergirl and who knows what for my last try! Nothing against those for every day usual wear, I love my covergirl concealer and mascara. But for pictures it just doesn't look as nice. Or stay on as long!!

Bare winter tree at Kings Lynn

Bare winter tree at Kings Lynn

Bare winter tree at Kings Lynn with the sun setting behind it, orange sky colour, showing polythene strips acoss the field, these keep in warmth helping to speed plant growth


bare minerals wedding makeup

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