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Cheap Cosmetic Brushes

cheap cosmetic brushes

  • a toiletry designed to beautify the body

  • serving an esthetic rather than a useful purpose; "cosmetic fenders on cars"; "the buildings were utilitarian rather than decorative"

  • serving an aesthetic purpose in beautifying the body; "cosmetic surgery"; "enhansive makeup"

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  • A thin stick set with long wire bristles, used to make a soft hissing sound on drums or cymbals

  • (brush) a dense growth of bushes

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My new car

My new car

It was kind of time to admit that nothing on the immigration front is going to happen soon, I can be slow on the uptake! So, I took the plunge and bought a 'cheap' car at a car auction which cost 200 pounds or 400 US. So, I was pleased, it seemed ok when I had a quick look, only 64000 miles, 2 owners, how bad could it be? Well, I drove it home only to realise that the head gasket had blown, it was only running on three cylinders and using as much water as petrol!!! So, 100 pounds later and I have rebuilt the engine and installed a new head gasket, rocker cover gasket, cambelt, fan belt, air filter, oil filter, thermostat, radiator switch, spark plugs, set the timing and changed both oil and water!

After changing the water in the cooling system it was obvious that the head gasket had been blowing for some time as the water in the cooling system was rust coloured rather than a healthy coolant green. It has taken two more 'flushings' to get it to the right colour. I have also started to address a couple of minor cosmetic issues, such as peeling stickers (removed them) and the rear rims had hub caps, but I didn't have any for the front so I removed them but had to wire brush the wheels, sandpaper them and then paint them with rust protector, which is why they are a nice shade of salmon pink. My plan is to spay them silver to match the fronts tomorrow.

Oh, and I need to wash it in order to remove the the evidence of all the oil covered activity, but I am afraid that if I do, it might break! But it seems to be running fine, staying cool and the oil is staying oily rather than turning into a frothy goo!

Oh, and I am tempted to change the UV joint on the front passenger side as it clangs a bit, nothing bad, but as I have gone this far...

Love cheap cars :)

IMG 1113

IMG 1113

A set of cheap cosmetic brushes with cheerful iridescent patterns on the handles. I kept the rouge and eyeshadow applicators and gave the others (washed) to Omaima. The whole thing cost under S$3, about US$2.

cheap cosmetic brushes

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