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Gorilla Wheel Lock

gorilla wheel lock

    wheel lock
  • A gun having such a gunlock

  • Wheellock, wheel-lock or wheel lock, is a mechanism for firing a firearm. It was the next major development in firearms technology after the matchlock and the first self-igniting firearm. The mechanism is so-called because it uses a rotating steel wheel to provide ignition.

  • A kind of gunlock having a steel wheel that rubbed against a flint

  • an obsolete gunlock using flint and a revolving wheel

  • (Wheel locks) Special lugnuts intended to prevent wheel theft that can only be installed or removed with a specific wrench or key.

  • largest anthropoid ape; terrestrial and vegetarian; of forests of central west Africa

  • A dominant contender within a particular sphere of operation or activity

  • A powerfully built great ape with a large head and short neck, found in the forests of central Africa. It is the largest living primate

  • A heavily built, aggressive-looking man

  • Gorillas are the largest of the living primates. They are ground-dwelling and predominantly herbivorous. They inhabit the forests of central Africa. Gorillas are divided into two species and (still under debate as of 2008) either four or five subspecies.

  • Gorilla is a British advertising campaign launched by Cadbury Schweppes in 2007 to promote Cadbury Dairy Milk-brand chocolate. The 90-second television and cinema advertisement, which formed the centrepiece of the ?6.

gorilla wheel lock - Project: SubUrban

Project: SubUrban Gorilla

Project: SubUrban Gorilla

Conceived to tow literally anything, this over the top military-style 4x4 rig put PowerBlockTV's Xtreme 4x4 on the map with millions of hardcore torque freaks who followed this aggressive project throughout the 12 month construction process. This detailed 125 minute DVD follows every stop in this wild build from starting with an'87 Suburban donor truck to dropping in a one-of-a-kind twin turbo Duramax Diesel from Banks Engineering.
This product is manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media.'s standard return policy will apply.

85% (7)

Scenes from a doomed economy: #1, oil change sale, with gorilla suit

Scenes from a doomed economy: #1, oil change sale, with gorilla suit

This store rented -- I'm assuming you rent this sort of thing -- a giant inflatable ...oil-cactus-man? and gorilla suit to promote a sale on automotive oil changes. Hope that works out for them.

I circled back to get a photo of the gorilla suit guy, but thought I'd missed him. But now, he's in this photo, walking in front of the Burger King sign. If I get a chance, maybe I'll go back on my lunch break to try to get a better photo of him & his store.

Day 91 - Gorilla Glue

Day 91 - Gorilla Glue

For those times when your gorillas are falling apart.

Foreground: proof this modern product isn't the first to draw an analogy between the strength of our distant relatives and really solid holding glue. No connection exists between the two products as far as I know (the contemporary product doesn't have a gnome with a special offer for you, anyhow).

It's been three months of Picture A Day? Wow, only seems like two and a half.

gorilla wheel lock

gorilla wheel lock

Webkinz Silverback Gorilla

Webkinz pets are very special plush animals. Each Webkinz pet comes with a secret code that allows the owner to log into the website and adopt a virtual version of their pet. With this code as their key, children can join Webkinz World without giving out any personal information such as e-mail, last name or phone number.

Features include:

•Webkinz pets are very special plush animals
•Codes allow you to join Webkinz World
•Add to your collection to build up your Webkinz virtual plush family
•Great gifts for kids of all ages

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