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About Meals On Wheels

about meals on wheels

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Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels

Bruce Dupre and Doris Svec are both recipients of Meals on Wheels, a program designed to provide nutrition to the home bound in Southeastern Connecticut. The program provides over 57,000 home-cooked meals for seniors along the Shoreline. One rainy day, about two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to interview a couple elders, volunteers and directors about the program for the hyper-local publication at which I work.

I took portraits of Bruce and Doris in their element during the project, mostly for myself. Thereís something intriguing about old age; a history in a face full of wrinkles. A majority of my Italian-immigrated family is getting old. Things begin to change, bringing about the next generation of familial liveliness. Canít really put my finger on whatís so fascinating Ė I think thatís because Iím not there yet and wonít be for some time.

Sarasota - Meals On Wheels

Sarasota - Meals On Wheels

The Meals on Wheels building in Sarasota, Florida. The kitchen and packing area is on the left. The office and area where volunteers pick up meals to deliver is at the right. My Toyota is at the far left.

I have driven for Meals on Wheels for about 13 years (2010). Normally I drive once a week. There are 29 routes in Sarasota. We distribute about 600 meals every day except Sundays, including all holidays (even Christmas). The operation is funded entirely from donations, with no government money at any level. About two-thirds of recipients do not pay for their meals.

about meals on wheels

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