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Spinning Prize Wheel - Dsp Technology Bluetooth Steering Wheel

Spinning Prize Wheel

spinning prize wheel

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Prize Wheel at The Bear Mill is pretty lame!

Prize Wheel at The Bear Mill is pretty lame!

We recently went to a child's birthday party at The Bear Mill/Pickle Bob's Ice Cream & Treatery. The birthday kid got to spin this Prize Wheel once, to win a fun prize. I took a picture because some of the prizes were awfully lame.

Examples of lame prizes:
10% off 1 Plush Animal -- WTF? Why would any kid like to get this? Sure, their parents would feel somewhat obligated to purchase a stuffed animal, but a kid doesn't need a wheel to guilt their parents into buying a toy at a place like this. A 10% off isn't a fun prize for a kid, and it's so insignificant it's hardly a fun prize for their parents.

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Ice Cream -- If a kid is having a birthday party at this place, they're already getting ice cream. If the ice cream is good, it might be a nice prize for the parents, but really I'd expect this type of coupon in the mail, not on a happy fun birthday prize wheel. There are two of these spaces on the wheel. Yay!

50% off Any (1) Clothing Set -- again, coupons are stupid prizes for birthday kids. Send them in the Val-Pak, instead, please!

50% Off 1 Plush Animal -- okay, this is a better coupon than the 10% off one, but still. Give the kid a damn stuffed animal, don't give them a percent-off coupon!

10% Off Any Plush -- oof, here we go again..

Free Spin -- I wonder what happens when you land on this. Do you just get to spin it again? If so, what's the point? These spaces should offer free stuff instead of a Free Spin. At least that would increase the odds of winning a free prize from 50% to 61% (still super-lame, though! should be 100%). There are two of these spaces on the wheel.

The rest of the spaces are actually fun for kids. Free stuff, or pointers to spaces with free stuff. See, that wasn't so hard, was it?

Anyways, the wheel is a nice idea, but the implementation (as well as the quality of the construction) leaves a lot to be desired. With each spin, there's only a 50% chance of winning free stuff. Lame!

Out of the 18 spaces on the wheel:
- 7 are coupons (requiring additional money to be spent to be fun for the kid)
- 2 are pointers to spaces with free stuff
- 7 are free stuff (w00t!)
- 2 "Free Spin" spaces

Anime prize wheel

Anime prize wheel

The 9 book report options are listed on the wheel and if a teen spins, they must report that week as the wheel tells them to. If they are lucky, they might win a prize instead. No matter what, as an incentive, they receive an extra raffle ticket for the drawing at the end of the summer for Disneyland tickets or skateboard & helmet.

spinning prize wheel

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