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20 Inch Chrome Wheels : Majacraft Spinning Wheels : Steel Wheels Gt.

20 Inch Chrome Wheels

20 inch chrome wheels

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Mercedes C-class RW-2 wheels

Mercedes C-class RW-2 wheels

This picture is a side view to show how well our new "Cinque" RW-2 from Roderick wheels fits on this new body Mercedes-Benz C-class.
Mercedes c class has roderick wheels RW-2 20" staggered with a 20x8.5 front and a 20x10 rear, this wheel also fits original Mercedes cap logo and is design from the same concept as the AMG wheels.
send a comment let us know what you think.

2008 Chrysler 300C

2008 Chrysler 300C

2008 Chrysler 300C w/ 20" chrome Red Sport wheels, and 3M window film Cascade Auto Accessories

20 inch chrome wheels

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