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Cockpit Flight Jacket

cockpit flight jacket

    flight jacket
  • The flight jacket, or bomber jacket is a garment originally created for pilots, which eventually became part of popular culture and apparel. In the First World War most airplanes did not have an enclosed cockpit, which necessitated a garment that could keep pilots sufficiently warm.

  • compartment where the pilot sits while flying the aircraft

  • a pit for cockfights

  • seat where the driver sits while driving a racing car

cockpit flight jacket - Ray Ban

Ray Ban Cockpit Sunglasses RB3362 001/51 Arista/Crystal Brown Gradient 59mm

Ray Ban Cockpit Sunglasses RB3362 001/51 Arista/Crystal Brown Gradient 59mm

RB3362 Ray-Ban Cockpit sunglasses take everything that is iconic about the original AviatorTM sunglasses, and takes it to a current, contemporary place. The Ray-Ban Cockpit sunglasses are smaller with less dominant lenses which compliments most face shapes as it shows its own sense of style. The Ray-Ban® signature logo is displayed on both the lens and adjustable nose pads. The RB3362 Ray-Ban Cockpit sunglasses are available with polar lenses and are prescription lens friendly.RB3379 Ray-Ban® men's sunglasses are a monel navigator with a contoured, rectangular shape and a wrapped fit. Each of the nose pads have the engraved Ray-Ban signature logo as well as an embossed Ray-Ban signature logo on the propionate temples of these sunglasses. RB3379 Ray-Ban sunglasses are available with a polar lens option.

82% (16)

~ The White Cliffs of Dover

~ The White Cliffs of Dover

the shops surrounding
the london underground station
quickly gave way to rows of houses,
each with heavily painted,
wooden doors.
in front of almost each one
was a small boxwood hedge
or an iron fence, and a gate.
the sound of Makzik's footsteps
echoed off the damp stone walls
and walkways.
as he walked along
the perimeter of the park,
he could see cherry blossoms,
shimmering in the light of a full moon.
it was early spring.
a chilly fog
embraced the city
and he could smell
the coal smoke
in the air.
it reminded him
of his home
in western pennsylvania.

a stone bridge
crossed over two sets
of railroad tracks.
the young captain
stopped at the top
of the gentle arch
and looked down
to the tracks below.
the green signal light
reflected up off the wet rails
and he saw the white engine light
of an oncoming train.
he stood with his arms crossed,
leaning against the stone wall,
looking down at the train
as it came hurtling down the tracks
just beneath him.
he could feel the vibration
in his spine
and then he was enveloped
by a huge cloud of steam
from the locomotive.

he had been over that mission
a thousand times before.
he had it all figured out in his head
that morning before they took off.
the flak guns
protecting the u-boat pens
off the coast had to have suffered
some wear and tear
in those steel gears
~ making for inaccuracy.
they would come in high
from the southwest,
making a series
of small course corrections,
by degrees,
each to the starboard side,
and then make a big sweep
back to the port side,
through the clouds,
in a shallow dive
toward the target,
hoping that it would take
some time for the flak guns
to catch up to them.

they leveled out at a low altitude
and he turned the aircraft
over to the bombardier.
he could see the flak bursts
high and to the starboard side.

“put your flak jackets and helmets on,”
he ordered over the intercom.
“it’s not clouding up to rain, gentlemen.”

for nine agonizing minutes,
the bombardier was flying the aircraft
and all of the aircraft flying behind them
were waiting for him to locate the target.
the flak bursts grew steadily closer.
and soon, they were in the thick of it.
not a word was spoken.
the aircraft would shudder
from time to time
from the concussion
of a flak burst
and you could smell the cordite in the air.
chunks of jagged shrapnel
blew right through the fuselage.
the bomb bay doors were open.
everything on the whole gaddamned aircraft
was shaking.

there was a loud bang
and Makzik felt something hit his right shoulder.
the force spun him around in his seat,
wrenching his back.
with an eerie sucking sound,
the wind rushed in through
a hole in the windscreen.
pain seared his brain
and for a moment
he thought he was going to black out.
he felt a warm trickle of blood
going down his sleeve
and into his glove.
he looked down at his right shoulder
and saw a still-smoldering
steel splinter sticking out of flight jacket.
it was so fucking hot
that it had cauterized the wound.

the co-pilot,
reached over to pull it out.

“no, leave it in there!” Maklik yelled.

over the intercom,
he heard the bombardier say
that he had acquired the target.

“bombs away!”

freed from the weight of the bombs,
the aircraft buoyed up.
all of the following aircraft
dropped their bomb loads as well.
down below,
in rapid succession,
there were many loud explosions,
followed by a massive explosion
which released a hellish fireball.
Kosinski closed the bomb bay doors.

“must have hit a fuel dump,” said Kosinski.

“you got it?” Makzik asked.

“got it!” yelled Kosinski.

“let’s get the hell out of here!”
he said, as he took the controls.

Makzik leaned back in his seat,
his right arm hanging limp.

they were climbing
up through the heavy cloud cover
and straight into the sun,
trying to get back out over the channel.
Makzik raised his good arm
and used his hand to shade his eyes.
he caught a brief glimpse
of what he thought was
the silhouette of a ME-109,
attacking head on.
before he could call out the fighter,
20mm cannon shells
ripped across the nose
and starboard wing of the aircraft.
one shell fragmented upon impact,
shattering the windscreen.
Kosinski’s head snapped back violently
and Maklik could hear Kosinski’s helmet
hit the back of the cockpit.
Kosinski slumped forward over the yoke,
half his head blown away.
the inside of the cockpit
was full of smoke.
dark red blood
was splattered all over the windows.
like a punch-drunk prize fighter,
the aircraft staggered
and began losing altitude.

“mother of god!”

with his left arm,
Makzik reached across to Kosinski
and gently pulled him back off the yoke.
he looked out over the wing
and saw that the inside engine
was on fire
and smoke was streaming
from the outside engine.

Makzik yelled over the intercom
for the crew to check in.
the top turret gunner
was also

Air Portugal - outerwear

Air Portugal - outerwear

From the Air Portugal website:

"Designed by Manuel Alves and Jose Manuel Goncalves, Portuguese stylists of international prestige, this new uniform will be worn by professionals in the Company's front line from 2007 onwards: Flight personnel, TAP airport personnel, sales’ outlet staff and external service staff. They will be portraying TAP’s new image as they are in contact with and attend customers on a daily basis.

"The new uniforms come about as part of all the work carried out in recent years to transform TAP into a stronger, more modern and competitive company, reflecting the spirit of change, renovation and rejuvenation of the new TAP company.
With a view to renovating Company uniforms, a design creativity competition was launched. TAP invited Portuguese designers present at recent editions of Moda Lisboa and Portugal Fashion to take part and in all 29 stylists manifested their interest.

"It is 37 years since Company uniforms were last designed by national stylists.
By opting this time for Portuguese stylists, TAP has demonstrated its confidence in the high quality and contemporary appeal of current Portuguese fashion, thus continuing in the direction it has been pursuing in recent years opting for Portuguese products and brands of recognized quality and prestige."

New Uniforms – modern, beautiful, comfortable and functional

"While presenting the new uniforms, Fernando Pinto, Company Delegate Chairman stresses 'We continue to work to turn TAP into the best company to travel with and invest in, however we never lose sight of the fact that it should also be the best to work for. Because of this, in addition to the new uniforms being more modern and attractive, a determining factor was the level of comfort and functionality afforded to those wearing them.'

"With the introduction of these uniforms, TAP reinforces its affirmation of “Portuguese-ness”, a concept that it has developed in a variety of forms and which allows the Company to present today to the entire world what Portugal best has to offer. This ranges from the TAP new livery, designed by a national company, to traditional Portuguese hospitality, including among other aspects our gastronomy and wines.
TAP uniformed personnel constitute a heterogenic group encompassing four distinct professional categories: Flight Personnel (technical and commercial) and Land Personnel (outlets, airports and external services). The two designers Manual Alves & Jose Manuel Goncalves characterized the new uniform as “very fashionable” in terms of appearance and flexibility. They point out that the idea was that "the concept to be developed (should) provoke creativeness. That is, not portray the idea of a uniform but of flexible working clothes that allow each person to have their own image but not one divorced from the original concept itself.”

cockpit flight jacket

cockpit flight jacket

Ray-Ban Cockpit Sunglasses - Arista / G-15 XLT - Polarized

From the Ray-Ban Icons Collection, the Cockpit sunglass has provided optical clarity and visual style for movie stars, politicians, athletes, and military personnel for several decades. A true classic that has never gone out of style, it's a must have for any sophisticated wardrobe. They will look good today, tomorrow and years from now.

All Ray-Ban lenses provide 100% UVA and UVB protection, and are distortion free. In addition, all Ray-Ban sunglasses come with a soft cleaning cloth and classic Ray-Ban case.

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