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Flights From Cincinnati To New York

flights from cincinnati to new york

  • a city in southern Ohio on the Ohio river

  • An industrial city in southwestern Ohio, on the Ohio River; pop. 331,285

  • The following is a list of episodes for the American television series Harsh Realm which aired on Fox in 1999 and the fX Network in 2000.

  • The Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal, originally Cincinnati Union Terminal, is a passenger railroad station in the Queensgate neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio, United States.

    new york
  • A state in the northeastern US, on the Canadian border and Lake Ontario in the northwest, as well as on the Atlantic coast in the southeast; pop. 18,976,457; capital, Albany; statehood, July 26, 1788 (11). Originally settled by the Dutch, it was surrendered to the British in 1664. New York was one of the original thirteen states

  • a Mid-Atlantic state; one of the original 13 colonies

  • one of the British colonies that formed the United States

  • A major city and port in southeastern New York, situated on the Atlantic coast at the mouth of the Hudson River; pop. 7,322,564. It is situated mainly on islands, linked by bridges, and consists of five boroughs: Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island. Manhattan is the economic and cultural heart of the city, containing the stock exchange on Wall Street and the headquarters of the United Nations

  • the largest city in New York State and in the United States; located in southeastern New York at the mouth of the Hudson river; a major financial and cultural center

  • Shoot (wildfowl) in flight

  • (in soccer, cricket, etc.) Deliver (a ball) with well-judged trajectory and pace

  • (flight) shoot a bird in flight

  • (flight) fly in a flock; "flighting wild geese"

  • (flight) an instance of traveling by air; "flying was still an exciting adventure for him"

flights from cincinnati to new york - Adventures Around

Adventures Around Cincinnati - A Parent's Guide to Unique and Memorable Places to Explore with your Kids

Adventures Around Cincinnati - A Parent's Guide to Unique and Memorable Places to Explore with your Kids

Create memories to last a lifetime! Give your kids the gift of memories by exploring Greater Cincinnati together. This guide contains detailed listings on over 80 places to visit and helps you be intentional about creating adventures and starting new traditions with your family. You will refer to this guide again and again!
In this guide, you will discover:
- Over 80 kid-tested destinations within a 2-hour drive of Cincinnati, including many in Dayton
- Detailed information on every listing including age recommendations, stroller-friendliness, and the length of a typical visit
- Easy-to-read maps
- Practical considerations that moms and dads need to know
- Category table including everything from archeology to trains to hiking
- Many free and low-cost attractions
- Encouragement and tips to start creating family traditions
- Sample summer and year-round itineraries
-Mom-tested advice on how to travel locally with kids of all ages
- The many benefits your family will experience

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Tribute to Capt. Hornbaker's crew

Tribute to Capt. Hornbaker's crew

The Hornbaker fate - Capt. Robert Hornbaker was a 778th squadron pilot, 464th Bomb Group (Heavy) based at Gioia del Colle Airfield (Pantanella AF from June '44) – Italy during WWII.
He was the recipient of DFC -won on 9/5/44 group mission #7 Target Wiener-Neustadt, Austria- “for his job of bringing home a butchered airplane despite heavy enemy opposition and a wounded co-pilot”, Lt. Stillman "Jake" Harding, Hornbaker's co-pilot that day, who also won the DFC in the same mission “with his leg nearly severed by flak he did everything a whole man could have done in assisting his pilot”.

On May 25th, 1944 Capt. Hornbaker’s crew, flying “Strictly from Hunger”, B-24 41-29412, recall letter WHITE M, took off from Gioia del Colle, to strike the Givors’s marshalling yards, 13 miles south of Lyon, France. It was mission No. 17 for the 464th BG and mission No.12 for most of the crew.

According to MACR 5415 “Strictly from Hunger” was hit by flak over target and lost engine #1. On the return flight, about 10 miles inland the rear of the formation was bounced by 3 Messerchmitt Me-109 and 1 Focke Wulf FW-190. At almost the same time flak begun to burst in front of formation. A Me.109 made a pass at a ship on the left rear box and set her engine #2 on fire.

This ship was "Strictly from Hunger", she received direct hits on the left side of the fuselage and left wing. The german 20mm shells also cut several control cables and destroyed the main fuel transfer pump. The gas tanks in the left wing were also hit, gas was pouring out from wing tanks and from bomb bay, engine #1 was leaving behind a thick black smoke stream.

Capt. Hornbaker was hit in the head and killed during this attack.

Co-pilot 2nd Lt. Ray Burkland, now in command of "Strictly from Hunger", tried, with the help of T/Sgt. Karow, to level the mortally wounded airplane while loosing altitude when the flak battery of Cape Roux, between Cannes and St. Raphael, opened up on him. Lt. Nilles, navigator, and Lt. Gein, bombardier, left their compartment and came to the flight deck.The ship was out of control but still flying. Lt. Nilles said that if they could hold the heading for 40 minutes of flight time they could make Corsica. This proved impossible when the ship caught fire and headed for the coast of France.

With a wing on fire Lt. Burkland realized the risk of a sudden explosion, unable to keep up with the main 464th formation, peeled out turning to the left, headed right over Cannes and while flying over Lerin’s island gave the order to bail out. Two man, it is believed they were both waist gunners, jumped as soon as the ship started her turn.
When the ship was about 90 degrees to the formation one man jumped out apparently from the camera hatch. His parachute opened almost immediately, another chute came out of the hatch a few seconds later and he made a delayed jump opening his chute far below the formation. Apparently they were Lt.s Gein and Nilles.

The ship completed a 180 degree turn from the formation and nosed over into a dive straight to the ground, smoking all across the wing section. All crew members, but the pilot, hit the silk.

The men whose went down over open sea faced several surface craft firing at them, probably they were shot on the way down or misjudged the jump and were not picked up.
3 of them, 2nd Lt. Burkland, S/Sgt. Karow and Sgt. Hoffman, bailed out beetwen Lerin's Island and the Cannes's harbour and were rescued from the drink, a fourth, Sgt. Reinecke bailed out over Cannes but his chute failed to open.

"Strictly from Hunger" flew over the city of Cannes and crashed on La Croix des Gardes hill. The remains of Capt. Hornbaker were found in the wreckage of the aircraft, the 3 survivors became POW.

On July 4th 1994, the Cannes municipality held a ceremony to present this monument that display four aircraft engines and a propeller. Sgt. Alfred Karow came back after 50 years, to the place of the first and only parachute jump of his life, attending the ceremony, there were also the pilot’s widow, Mrs. Velma Hornbaker; the tail gunner sister, many veterans of the 778th Bomb Squadron and Aero-Re.L.I.C people.

All details about Capt. Hornbaker's fate are courtesy of the following websites:
- The WWII 464th Bombardment Group (H)

Many thanks to Robert "Bob" Hoskinson (464th BG, 778th Sq.) for sharing the MACR.

B24 41-29412 “Strictly from Hunger” MACR 5415
- Capt. Robert W. Hornbaker - Stafford - Kansas - Pilot - KIA
- 2nd Lt. Raymon H. Burkland - Paxton - Illinois - Co-pilot - POW
- Lt. Richard B. Nilles - SanAntonio - Texas - Navigator - KIA
- Lt. Carl A. Gein Jr. - Fairfield - California - Bombardier - KIA
- S/Sgt. Alfred R. Karow - Saginaw - Michigan - Eng/ top turret gunner - POW
- Sgt. Edwin J. Draney - Brooklyn - New York - Radio operator/gunner - KIA
- Sgt. Lawrence E. Reinecke - Colorado Springs - Colorado - Ball Turret Gunner - KIA
- Sgt. William J. Arch

Flight Deck

Flight Deck

Our weather radar broke down about 15 minutes into the flight from New York to Los Angeles, and since there were thunderstorms forecasted along our route we had to land in Cincinnati to get it fixed. It turns out that since the FO had technically been on duty for the last 7 days (due to reserve+flying this 3 day trip) he couldn't legally fly us to LAX after the diversion since we would be landing after midnight, making it his 8th day on duty....or something along those lines. So, we need a new First Officer.

The Captain was kind enough to let me take a look at his office while we waited for the new FO.

flights from cincinnati to new york

flights from cincinnati to new york

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