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New House Decorating Ideas

new house decorating ideas

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    new house
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new house decorating ideas - This Old

This Old House Salvage-Style Projects: 22 Ideas for Turning Old House Parts Into New Treasures for Your Home

This Old House Salvage-Style Projects: 22 Ideas for Turning Old House Parts Into New Treasures for Your Home

Salvage-Style Projects is the definitive inspirational resource and how-to guide for turning cast-off architectural details into high-style, low-cost home furnishings. This 144-page book includes 22 creative reuse projects for everything from vintage porcelain faucet taps to paneled wood doors. All that's required of the reader is a sense of adventure, an eye for bargains, and a good tool kit. The author even helps with the last two by offering treasure-hunting tips and a guide to setting up an in-home workshop.

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The weather is rubbish outside and I'm fed up with football already!!! This fabulous book of interiors and decorating will hopefully keep me entertained over the next few weeks ... the photography is gorgeous and I'm hoping to get some inspiration for our new house []

Decorating ideas

Decorating ideas

Kate has decided to decorate our new house. She ripped out the pages she liked best!

new house decorating ideas

new house decorating ideas

We're Moving (First-Time Stories)

This charming new picture book series of heartwarming stories and illustrations will help prepare young children for new situations. The First-Time Stories series stars six-year-old Amy and her little brother, Ben, who—like all preschool children—have mixed feelings about first-time experiences. These gentle, warmly illustrated stories present a positive message about change and growing up. A must-have addition to every young family's library.

Amy and her little brother, Ben, are moving! Their new house has a big yard to play in, but Amy misses her best friend and the flowers she and Dad planted at their old house.

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