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Fork and spoon wall decor : Skateboard decorations for boys room

Fork And Spoon Wall Decor

fork and spoon wall decor

  • scoop up or take up with a spoon; "spoon the sauce over the roast"

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fork and spoon wall decor - ROOSTER Large

ROOSTER Large 17" Spoon & Fork Wall Decor Set NEW

ROOSTER Large 17

BRAND NEW 3-Dimensional Rooster Hanging 3pc Ceramic Fork & Spoons Wall Decor Set. This set is really of a beautiful design. Each piece has 3-D / embossed Roosters on it. The detail is extraordinary and the colors are so vibrant! There is a spoon, fork, and soup spoon. Each piece is made of thick ceramic with a very fine gloss finish coating it; and, they are quite heavy and very sturdy in design. The pieces measures approx. 17" x 5" and will stick off of the wall approx. 2.5". This would definitely make a great addition to ANY wall, or this would also make a wonderful gift for any Rooster Lover! Please don't forget to take a look at our many other Rooster design items of this same design set and other styles. Thanks for looking!

88% (11)

...and the camera ran away with the spoon

...and the camera ran away with the spoon

... our nights aren't measured out in coffee spoons quite yet.... this is definitely one of the strangest portraits i've ever taken.... this one will be tried again soon!

the camera (and my fingers on both sides of it) make it look like i'm a camera with arms, with my head being the lens! kind of appropriate, since i'm always clickin... ha!

Tea spoons!

Tea spoons!

I just love tea so i thought ill just make a picture of some of the tea spoons i use!

fork and spoon wall decor

fork and spoon wall decor

Home/Garden Décor By CBK Spoon And Fork Wall Decor (2 Asstd)/IronOn Iron Both 41Long (Set Of 2)

Variety is the spice of life....and the key to our wide range of decorative wall clocks, mirrors, wall arts shelves as well as lightings and lamps from traditional to modern styles that can be mixed and matched with all collections, bringing function to any space. And of course you don't want to leave out Midwest CBK's 'outdoor living' collections, they are sure to complete your home and garden look with a unique touch...

Spoon And Fork Wall Decor (2 Asstd)/IronOn Iron Both 41Long is made of iron with a verdi coppper color/finish , and the item Dimensions is: 7 1/2 X 3 X 41. Imported.

Spoon And Fork Wall Decor (2 Asstd)/IronOn Iron Both 41Long is a work of art yet it provides a useful purpose. It can be used for decoration or as a useful piece and of course will withstand the test of time. People will always admire it because of its uniqueness. With an original iron material such as these, can bring a sense of classiness or a modern look to any space. It is magnificent so enjoy!

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