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Tropical bathroom decor. Metal rooster decor

Tropical Bathroom Decor

tropical bathroom decor

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tropical bathroom decor - Pink FLAMINGO

Pink FLAMINGO tropical WALL HOOKS flamingos home decor

Pink FLAMINGO tropical WALL HOOKS flamingos home decor

Bring some summer fun into your home with this adorable Flamingo Hooks while getting organized! Hooks are one the hottest home accessory right now because they are so practical. Try them in the pool house for wet suits, in the bathroom for a guest towel, in the bedroom for your pj's, in the kitchen for an oven mitt or in the hall for the dog's leash or keys. The hand-Painted flamingos very detailed on a resin wall plaque and has the words "BELIEVE, HOPE, DREAM " written on the bottom. There is also and added touch of a seashell on each corner. Just hang anywhere you need a little inspiration or organization. Ready to hang with a single nail (not included.) Measures Approx. 4.5"W X 5.5".

83% (15)

~~TrOpiCaL GaRdEn #4~~

~~TrOpiCaL GaRdEn #4~~

Tropical palm (phoenix roebellini) and banana (musa) foliage..!
Please press "L" for a nicer presentation :-)

Tropical Teresa

Tropical Teresa

Tropical Barbie Hispanic version / or Tropical Teresa is what i like to call her

tropical bathroom decor

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