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Wedding Reception Decorating Ideas Pictures

wedding reception decorating ideas pictures

    wedding reception
  • a reception for wedding guests held after the wedding

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main ballroom

main ballroom

They were taking down C.mas decor, which is why things are such a mess. But this gives you a good idea of the main room. There would be staggered round tables and a long table that spans almost the entire length of the room along the windows (which aren't visible here--see next picture) along the right side of the photo. About halfway through the room is a 1/2-wall with glass windows. It would be a bit sardine-ish to fit 300+ people inside sitting...but Jon & i still need to talk about the possibility of an hors d'ovures (sp?) reception.

at the time of the wedding, the christmas decor would still be up--which would eliminate a lot of the decorating we might have to/want to do. The decor, they said, is slightly different each year. If we needed more room, they said they could move the stuff out of the way.

Fall Wedding Decorations View 1

Fall Wedding Decorations View 1

In the next two pictures you get wonderful decorating ideas which could help you to create a very gorgeous reception

wedding reception decorating ideas pictures

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