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Live Love Laugh Decor : Sports Bar Decor.

Live Love Laugh Decor

live love laugh decor

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live love laugh decor - Apple Bottoms

Apple Bottoms "Laugh, Love, Live" 3-Piece Outfit (Sizes 12M - 24M) - medium wash, 12 months

Apple Bottoms

For a look that's all her own, check out this striking outfit by Apple Bottoms. She can wear these pieces as separates or together - either way, she'll look fabulous! Includes: Jacket: French terry, "varsity" cut, snap placket, hood attached to collar, ribbed trim, "Love" patching on back, logo patch on front, glitter highlights. (60% Cotton, 40% Polyester) T-Shirt: soft jersey, cap sleeves, easy-change snaps in back, picot trim on collar, "Laugh, Love, Live" graphic with glitter highlights. (60% Cotton, 40% Polyester) Jeans: skinny fit, elastic waistband, logo snaps, logo embroidery on back pockets. (58% Cotton, 27% Polyester, 14% Rayon, 1% Spandex) Machine Wash Cold Made in China

82% (5)

Things I love...

Things I love...

Photography * Nutella * green parks * Amelie Poulain * cookie dough * art & design * * ocean * milk chocolate * family * to-do-lists * chick flicks * sunset * alternative music * teaching * Mountain Dew * popcorn w/ chocolate chips * coconut water * walking on the beach * Marian Keys * movie theater * stationery * homemade food * party decor * Bridget Jones * staying up until late * barbecue * talk, talk, talk * black dresses * rock concerts * blogs * falling in love * road trips * red color * biographies * friendship * camping * * writing * traveling * life stories * collage * Marie Claire magazine * positive vibe * travel guidebooks * Polaroid * Ipanema * Betty Boop * sushi * black eyeliner * travel journals * Alice in wonderland * good morning kiss * waterfalls * serendipity * languages * carpaccio * Vancouver * bookstores * scrapbooking * sunflowers * cats * backpacking * Marta Medeiros * greeting cards * handmade gifts * IKEA * love letters * wishlists * Cirque du Soleil * Havaianas * polka dots * Mujeres Alteradas * work & travel programs * mosaic * * graffiti * jelly beans * postcards * creativity * full moon * laughing * Moo cards * astrology * matryoskas * self-portrait * movie soundtrack * vintage * chicken fajitas * ballet flats * fireworks * headbands * stripes * contemporary art * Post-it * Converse All Star * dictionaries * Globe Trekker * butterflies * wall stickers * chick lit * sunny days * The Beatles * Crayola * quotes * New Year’s Eve * fridge magnets * Blue Man Group * cuddling * Greek mythology * costume parties * Photoshop * New Year’s resolutions * Sex and the City * Lebanese food * good karma * home decor * vanilla latte * attitude * handicraft * summer time * paper doll * alphabet magnet * fortune cookies * daily walks * carrot cake * soul-searching journeys * colored pens * procrastination * happy hour * google * cupcakes * wanderlust * red balloons * fairy tales * Summer solstice * golden ticket * Mafalda * living in the moment * moleskine * Coors light * slumber parties * theater * biscoito O Globo * coffee mugs * homemade food * summer dresses

In 2009 i wish i...PCAGOE January Challenge themed black and white

In 2009 i wish i...PCAGOE January Challenge themed black and white

(other side of necklace)

In 2009 i wish i...
dream the pinkest dreams
laugh as if every minute is funny and joyfull
believe that all wrong can be fixed
love my beloved and my friends
smile as if every day is a miracle
dance even if i do it in my own living room :)
have a great 2009!

live love laugh decor

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