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Boys Room Decor Ideas

boys room decor ideas

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The Boy in the Frame

The Boy in the Frame

The Boy in the Frame
The same frame being positioned by the Girl Carrying the Frame later was used for many interesting photo shoots on the nature of subect/object and frame as foreground/background.

In this series, a handsome young man lightly but tastefully attired, curled himself up intothe fetal position - a most personal expression - and we added the contrasting artifice of this floating prop frame.


To add the surreal, while keeping the palette, I added Heart of Dark Coffee, and I think we know more and more the effects of caffeine, and those of art, on the heart!


Yellow boxer boy

Yellow boxer boy

The kid in yellow boxers at baggage claim in Denver. Look close - the boy's boxers have little red lobsters. This boy sat next to me on the plane, ipod in his ears the entire time.

boys room decor ideas

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