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Cheap country decor. Decorate a fireplace mantel

Cheap Country Decor

cheap country decor

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cheap country decor - Brewster Wall

Brewster Wall Pops WPE99074 Peel & Stick World Dry-Erase Map with Marker

Brewster Wall Pops WPE99074 Peel & Stick World Dry-Erase Map with Marker

WPE99074 WallPops Dry-Erase is where fashion meets function. Not only are these wall decals extremely styling and chic, but now you can write on them and erase whenever you like. Between Dots, Message Boards, Calendars, and Maps, there is something to help organize your home, school, or office. And best of all, since these are WallPops, they can be removed and repositioned without every damaging wall. Decorate your walls with a functional tool, by adding a Dry-Erase Map of the World to your home or office. Features: -World dry-erase map decal. -Includes a dry-erase marker. -Easy to install, just peel and stick. -Repositionable and removable. -Safe for walls, no sticky residue.

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My Garage decor

My Garage decor

Covered all my empty shelves with fabric since people tend to come into my house through my garage (the joy of country living) instead of the front door I tried to make my garage a bit less ugly. Painted the walls peach, built an entry stair that was enlarged and covered the recycling area and other uglies with fabric curtains (cheaper than building wooden doors and easier to push aside to get to storage areas.

515. God's Own Country

515. God's Own Country

The blue mountains, coconut groves and emerald green paddy fields of Kerala: God's own Country

cheap country decor

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