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Decorative Outdoor String Lights

decorative outdoor string lights

  • Serving to make something look more attractive; ornamental

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decorative outdoor string lights - American Lighting

American Lighting 018-0006 Rope Lighting Kit with Mounting Clips, Clear, 50-Foot

American Lighting 018-0006 Rope Lighting Kit with Mounting Clips, Clear, 50-Foot

This flexible rope lighting can be used anywhere you need decorative lighting. It's ideal for cove or cabinet lighting, illuminating handrails, toe kick areas in the bath or kitchen, under a counter and more. 1 inch bulb spacing with a bulb life of 25,000 hours and an output of 3 watts per foot. Each bulb is only .25 watts. Rope sections may be connected to a maximum run distance of 200 feet. Molded female/male connectors. Includes hardware mounting clips and screws. 50 foot length of rope light. 5 foot power cord.

89% (12)

Grape Vine Lights - $10 - Wine Cabinet View

Grape Vine Lights - $10 - Wine Cabinet View

-New (still in box) set of decorative grape cluster lights
-7.5 feet long / 6 cluster string

***Lights shown as decoration in wine cabinet
Wine cabinet is not for sale, just the lights

Phone: (949) 235-8088

Decorative Roses on kitchen towels.

Decorative Roses on kitchen towels.

Decorative Rose towels. A touch of elegance adorns this unique kitchen towel set. The sweet roses are complimented by a green trim fabric also featuring roses. A delightful touch to any kitchen. Decorated by Cath.
See my photo stream for more decorative towels. Visit my profile for Store details.

decorative outdoor string lights

decorative outdoor string lights

Decorative Rose String Lights, 9-Foot Long, Natural Color, UL Listed

The Natural Light String has no coloring, except for the leaves. It is the natural beige color of the leaf skeleton. Our Lights are beautifully handcrafted in Thailand. Our rose lights have 20 lights per strand and come with end-to-end connectors, 2 replacement bulbs and 1 replacement fuse. Approximately 9' long. Great for parties, meditation room, patios, general home decorations to create a romantic or tranquil atmosphere. Can also be used to decorate a centerpiece for weddings, special events, Xmas parties, and/or New Year parties. These string lights are very beautiful and popular. Once available, they sell very fast!

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