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Western Bathroom Decorations

western bathroom decorations

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"Traditional" Saloon Ladies' Bathroom Doorway

On my drive along the Apache Trail last month, I stopped at a little town called "Tortilla Flats" which is the last paved part of the road before it begins its treacherous climb along the lakes and Roosevelt Dam. When I went in the ladies restrooms, there were these wonderful "traditional western" saloon decorations on the bathroom stalls. "Could I possibly resist taking a pic of these?" said I with the trusty Nikon at her side;-)

Submitted to Traditional Thursday for 7 DOS Doorways theme (I knew these would come in handy for some theme!) And oh, yes, Flickr Golf Clubbers---gotta share these with you, yes????

Western "Burbling" - Paddington


The pace of railway operations seemed less frantic thirty five years ago.

This "Western" is about to drift off to be refuelled. No hectic turn-rounds in those days. There was a certain "club" atmosphere to platform-end life. I recall eating sun-warmed egg and cress sandwiches from a tin carried in an old gask mask bag.


western bathroom decorations

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