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The flowers of the city
Though breathlike, get deathlike at times
And there's no use in tryin'
To deal with the dyin'
Though I cannot explain that in lines.

But it grieves my heart, love
To see you tryin' to be a part of
A world that just don't exist
It's all just a dream, babe
A vacuum, a scheme, babe
That sucks you into feelin' like this.

I'd forever talk to you
But soon my words
They would turn into a meaningless ring
For deep in my heart
I know there is no help I can bring
Everything passes
Everything changes
Just do what you think you should do
And someday, maybe
Who knows, baby
I'll come and be cryin' to you.

Pojavila se na youtubeu napokon i ova, slabije poznata, a izvrsna, nabrijana pjesma

Prayed in the ghetto with my face in the cement
Heard the last moan of a boxer, seen the massacre of the innocent...

Try to be pure at heart, they arrest you for robbery
Mistake your shyness for aloofness, your silence for snobbery
Got the message this morning, the one that was sent to me
About the madness of becoming what one was never meant to be.

Put your hand on my head, baby, do I have a temperature ?
I see people who are supposed to know better standing around like furniture

There's a wall between you and what you want and you got to leap it
Tonight you got the power to take it, tomorrow you won't have the power to keep it.

What can I say about Claudette ? Ain't seen her since January
She could be respectably married or running a whorehouse in Buenos Aires.

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