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Wedding Unique Vintage Dresses

If you plan on wearing the same dress worn by your mother for her marriage then vintage dress is on your mind. Vintage dresses are available online and are available at good affordable prices. Vintage dresses are usually worn more than once and most people choose to wear a new dress for their wedding.
If you are planning to buy a new dress with a vintage style then it’s not a vintage dress.

It is always better to decide the era you want your dress to look from. Plan on the style and pattern that will suit your body type, so when you select the vintage dress think of what you want it to look like.
Bustle dresses are a common selection among brides of the 50s, as these dresses have changed their shape and size over the years, they can still be worn by today’s generation.

You can also visit a seamstress who can create a new vintage wedding dress for you, you can choose your own design which could be inspired from the old vintage style and create your new wedding dress. You can also create a new dress from the old vintage dress by cutting out the material from the old dress to create a new dress from the old one.

The vintage wedding dresses popular in the 1930s were:-
• Long sleeve dresses which would taper at the arm.
• Bridal dresses were made from silk/satin.
• The wedding dresses used to be buttoned at the back.
• Those wedding gowns had detachable trains, so that the bride could dance in the evening wearing the same dress.

Dresses of the 40s:-
• Lots of lace and frills were introduced in this decade.
• Dresses were concentrated around the waists and had a sweetheart neckline.

Romantic 50s:-
• The 50s had some of the most romantic dresses which include wide collars, full length dresses.
• Remember the famous Liz Taylor’s wedding to Conrad Hilton where she wore a traditional seeded pearl silk gown.
• The 50s wedding gowns can be recreated with the help of designers.

Sweet 60s:-
• The 60s saw a change in the wedding dresses, the wedding dresses got shorter and lighter.
• The dresses were designed from knee length to above knee length as most of the marriages were conducted in summer.
• The famous English 1960s tulip dress with a high scoop neckline made the brides look elegant and stylish.

The wedding dresses of the 70s and 80s were inspired from the 50s and 60s but the dresses got colorful.

Shopping for wedding vintage dresses online is a good idea, as it save a lot of money. Vintage dresses are not new and they are worn at least more than once. If you prefer to buy a new dress with a vintage design then that dress will not be vintage, but it’s a good idea as everyone wants to have their own identity as marriage happens once in life.

Always remember to check with the online stores return policy and purchase a dress through secured payment methods.

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