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Roy Buchanan - Messiah On Guitar - Live (2007)

The guitar wizard Roy Buchanan is in incendiary form on this live set, which features astonishing re-workings of rock and R&B standards such as "Green Onions" and "Peter Gunn," as well as a tribute to Jimi Hendrix with "Hey Joe" and "Foxy Lady," both of the latter providing an opportunity to compare the two guitar maestros' styles. Buchanan's signature "The Messiah Will Come Again," first recorded for his 1972 debut album, is transformed here into a mesmerizing blend of gospel, blues, psychedelia, and disturbing anguish. It's as powerful a guitar instrumental as you'll ever hear. Roy Buchanan was “the world’s best unknown guitarist” and one of America’s most soulful masters of the instrument. Gary Moore paid tribute to Buchanan on his “After The War” album, covering Roy’s signature tune: “The Messiah Will Come Again”. Buchannan’s sound is simply unique: heartbreaking, searing solos with a trademark shimmering tone and a mixture of snarls, wails and squeals that distinguish him as a wizard of the instrument...D. Jellinc

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Genre : Rock


01. Roy Buchanan - Short Fuse (2:52)
02. Roy Buchanan - Green Onions (5:42)
03. Roy Buchanan - When a Guitar Plays the Blues (7:26)
04. Roy Buchanan - Pressure (5:13)
05. Roy Buchanan - Peter Gunn (3:08)
06. Roy Buchanan - Chicago Smoke Shop (6:14)
07. Roy Buchanan - Blues in E (7:15)
08. Roy Buchanan - Hey Joe (4:06)
09. Roy Buchanan - Foxy Lady (3:36)
10. Roy Buchanan - The Messiah Will Come Again (6:38)

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