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Juicy Lucy - Pieces (1972)(2005)

German reissue of 1972 album originally released on Bronze Records.

'Pieces' is packed with good performances and kicks off with a rousing version of Chuck Berry's 'Promised Land' intended as a tribute to the master. ‘Although it was mainly a mellow album we wanted to show we could still play rock'n'roll,’ says Micky. ‘The next song, 'Cuckoo', was one we'd head on a Taj Mahal album called 'Natch'l Blues.' This showed the kind of West Coast influence on the band. We really liked Taj Mahal and Ry Cooder. 'It Ain't Easy' was a song Zoot Money wrote and passed on to Paul, and 'Suicide Pilot' was a Williams/Edwards original and a good rock'n'roller. Some of the songs have early Seventies' style lyrics, like 'Dead Flowers In The Mirror' which I recall was a bit of a country spoof! The final cut 'How Can A Poor Man Stand These Times' was taken from Ry Cooder's first album and was written by a blues singer called Alfred Reed. © Chris Welch, London 1997 (Taken from the liner notes to the 1997 Repertoire reissue of Juicy Lucy "Pieces" (1972) album, REP4644-WY ) Excellent British seventies blues rock. Check out their 1969, self titled album.

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Genre : Rock


Paul Williams - Vocals
Mick Moody - Guitars
Andy Pyle - Bass
Ron Berg - Drums
Jean Roussel - Keyboards
The Gay Debonaries - Backing Vocals


01. Juicy Lucy - Promised Land (3:54)
02. Juicy Lucy - Cuckoo (3:42)
03. Juicy Lucy - All My Life (6:32)
04. Juicy Lucy - It Ain't Easy (5:54)
05. Juicy Lucy - Suicide Pilot (4:13)
06. Juicy Lucy - Why Can't It Happen To Me (3:52)
07. Juicy Lucy - Dead Flowers In The Mirror (3:58)
08. Juicy Lucy - Prospector Dan (4:54)
09. Juicy Lucy - How Can A Poor Man Stand These times and live (3:54)

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